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The ancient hill village of Groznjan dates back to the eleventh century, with the first mention of the village in 1102. The town was constructed by the Venetians to form one of the main military bases in Istria; its close proximity to the Adriatic Sea and the Gulf of Venice meant that it was an ideal defensive base for Venice. Today, however, the town encompasses an entirely different ambience. Situated within the beautiful wine region of Istria, the town is now a hub for musicians and artists. Discover the stone-paved and narrow streets and explore the fascinating art studios, pottery shops and galleries that line the cobbled lanes, during a stay in NOVASOL’s Croatia holiday villas.

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It was not too long ago that Groznjan almost slipped into oblivion, with the town facing ‘extinction’ in 1954. Fortunately, the arrival of several musicians, painters and artists who banded together in an initiative that sought to renovate old abandoned and dilapidated Croatian villas brought the town back to life. Today the town’s population of approximately two hundred people mostly comprises artists. There is, however, a fantastic selection of Croatia holiday villas for tourists to enjoy.

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The village is situated at an altitude of 280 metres above sea level, close to both Italy and the Slovenian border. This elevated position provides the visitors with a stunning and unforgettable view of Motovun, the Ucka and the Mirna Valley. As you will soon discover during a stay in our Croatian villas, the village features plenty of Italian influences throughout the small, picturesque streets. The locals embrace a typically Mediterranean flair – be sure to sample some of the delicious cuisine during your stay! The peace and quiet found in Groznjan ensures that it is perfect for fans of our forest holidays: simply relax, enjoy the views and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.