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Bornholm is the most eastern part of Denmark and is considered by many to be the most beautiful island - ideal for adventure holidays in a natural paradise. Despite the small size of this island, it is characterised by an attractive, varied landscape found nowhere else. The steep, rocky cliffs on the northern coastline of the island transform into an open landscape which finally reaches sandy beaches which are several kilometres long. These are undoubtedly some of the best beaches in all of Europe! The island consists of beautiful nature, many sights, short distances and idyllic villages with herring smokehouses, which are characteristic for this island. Bornholm is very different from the rest of the country, mainly because of its rocky coastline on the northern side of the island. Rent beautiful holiday homes in Denmark on the island of Bornholm and all of this is right on your doorstep.

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Adventure holidays in Bornholm

On the Danish island of Bornholm you will find a varied unique environment, which invites you to be active on your holiday. Whether you enjoy hiking or cycling holidays, running, hiking, kayaking, surfing, diving, climbing, horse riding or fishing. Here on Bornholm there is always something great to discover and experience in nature. You will also enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches where you can swim or fly a kite. If you like to play golf, you will also find your Danish holiday home in Bornholm to be a pure paradise. The island has four different golf courses, each with 18 holes to offer. These golf courses are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and you are guaranteed a pleasant experience, beginners and professionals alike! On this island it is easy to see the many activities in Denmark there are to enjoy.

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Flora and fauna whilst self-catering

In addition to the salty Baltic Sea, there are also some lakes on the island which are great for walking holidays, but also provide a wonderful habitat for some beautiful creatures. In particular, there are the many Myr, the local name for Moore and Moose. If you have rented a Danish holiday home or apartment on Bornholm near Gudhjem, then take a trip to the Gråmyr moor. Denmark's longest waterfall is also on Bornholm. Its 20 m long cascade can be admired in the Døndalen. Beautiful experiences are also guaranteed to you in the hills of Paradisbakkerne. A wild network of hiking trails leads you through a flora and fauna with rare reptiles and amphibians, which is second to none. The sea, the cliffs, the peace and a beautiful holiday letting by the sea - What more do you need for a relaxing Bornholm holiday?

Things to do in Bornholm

We suggest that you see the ruins of Hammershus, Christiansoe (a small island with only 100 permanent inhabitants) and the iconic round churches whilst self-catering in Denmark. The fascinating NaturBornholm Museum also tells you all about the nature and the past of the island in relation to the mainland and is a popular excursion destination for both children and adults. Despite the size of the island, there is a surprising amount of rich and unique Danish history for you to explore right there on Bornholm. You can also pass serene hours enjoying the scenery at your Danish holiday home, enjoying your private sauna or swimming pool and exploring quaint and characterful villages.

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Culture and art on your island holidays

Bornholm has always been a fascinating island for artists. The sea and the cliffs, the peace and quiet and the very special light have always been considered sources of inspiration, which you can feel yourself at your holiday homes in Denmark. Quite a few glassblowers, painters, jewellery designers and potters have decided to make Bornholm their home. In many galleries and art workshops you can view or purchase the creative products such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewellery. In addition to the lively arts scene on Bornholm, there are lots of events in June, July and August, making summer holidays on the island lively and spirited. The sporting events, music festivals or the annual harbour festivals are a wonderful addition to your schedule for which your holiday cottage Denmark will be a great base.

Try Bornholm’s specialities at your villas in Denmark

Spoil your taste buds with the many specialities of Danish cuisine, which are offered in the restaurants and cafés on the island that you can also prepare in your Danish holiday home or your holiday apartment on Bornholm. Under the motto regional food culture, restaurants, farms and producers have been brought together, which mainly sell regional products and process culinary delicacies in their dishes. Use your time at your holiday lettings to discover exceptional smoked fish dishes, delicious rye biscuits with blue cheese and its signature dish, Sun over Gudhjem, which is smoked herring with a raw egg.

Family holidays in Bornholm

Family holidays on the Danish island of Bornholm are filled with fun and exciting opportunities for people of any age. Brandesgårdshaven, otherwise known as Joboland, is a friendly and inviting theme park with attractive gardens, a zoo and a playground. There are plenty of family-friendly museums and shopping areas, but the real star of the show in terms of family travel on this Danish island is the landscape itself. Here children can unleash their creativity and enjoy playing games on a relatively cheap holiday. Go rock pooling or go swimming in the crevices and caves in Bornholm’s cliffs, which are excellent reservoirs of solar energy and warm up to the late summer the sea. Here you can safely go swimming, if elsewhere in Denmark the sea is already too cold. For activities like this, consider renting holiday lettings in Dueodde, where the terrain calls people of all ages for adventure!

Service – Why NOVASOL?

Whether an apartment with sea view, a pool house or a dog-friendly cottage there is suitable NOVASOL accommodation for you and your family on the island of Bornholm. Our Danish holiday homes and apartments are the ideal base for a comfortable and exciting holiday travelling with family, children, relatives or friends. With almost 50 years’ experience and local offices in Denmark, your self-catering holiday in Bornholm is safe in NOVASOL’s hands. As a Danish company with over 10,000 holiday homes across the country, you can be assured of our expertise.