General terms and terms of rental

Here you will find the general terms and conditions for renting a holiday home at NOVASOL. The terms of rental in force at the time of booking will apply to you, regardless of the time of your arrival.

Rental terms 2024
(Valid for bookings made from the 01.12.2023)

Rental terms 2023 & 2024
(Valid for bookings made from the 18.10.2023 until the 30.11.2023)

Rental terms 2023
(Valid for bookings made from the 29.03.2023 until the 18.10.2023)

Rental terms 2022 & 2023
(Valid for bookings made from the 31.10.2022 until the 29.03.2023)

Rental terms 2022
(Valid for bookings made from the 16.12.2021 until the 31.10.2022)

Rental terms 2021
(Valid for bookings made after 14.09.2020 with arrival after 09.01.2021)

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