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Nestled on the southwest coast of Istria, just south of Rovinj and approximately twenty kilometres northwest of Pula, lies the small village of Barbariga. The small settlement is located on a cape formerly known as Punta Cissana, named after the ancient city of Cissa. The ancient city has many legends: one being that the god tried to destroy the settlement due to its residents’ debauched lifestyles. More recent findings, however, have found that the city may have been flooded in the 8th Century. Nowadays, the cape is better known as the Barbariga Peninsula. As you may guess – and discover during a stay in our Croatian holiday villas – Barbariga is steeped in history.

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For those wishing to stay closer to home, and enjoy the local area on a shoestring, Barbariga’s stunning surroundings offer the perfect opportunity to simply relax and discover the vast oak forests in the area. Alternatively, what a better way to spend cheap holidays in Croatia than to head to the beach? The town is home to a pebbled beach that offers a lifeguard service, volleyball courts and a selection of beachfront bars. For those renting Croatian villas interested in history, there are numerous traces of ancient civilisation that can be discovered here, some of which date back to the first century, including an ancient oil press once discovered on the coast.

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The predominantly mild climate and clear waters ensure that Barbariga is perfect for a relaxing family holiday. The sea views, alongside the surrounding landscapes, which are brimming with lush green vegetation, are simply ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relax and enjoy some quality time with your family. Yet you are never far from fascinating sites and discoveries; some of our Croatian holiday villas are ideally positioned to visit the Basilica of St Michael, which dates back to the sixth century.

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As you will discover during a stay Istria, Barbariga continues to honour its history through local customs. The local dances and music still reflect its fascinating background after being founded by the Barbarigo family, who originated from Venice. And the locals are incredibly warm and welcoming – as you will soon discover during a stay in our direct holiday homes! Whether you wish to visit one of the local restaurants and sample some fresh seafood straight from the seas of the Adriatic, or simply wish to mingle with them during a game of volleyball, we are sure that you’ll feel at home in our Croatian villas!

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Istrian villas in Barbariga are a fantastic base to explore the stunning Istrian peninsula on a budget, for it is well placed to explore the local towns of Rovinj and Pula. Alternatively, why not hop in your car and head south to explore the stunning city of Zadar in Dalmatia? Located approximately 4 hours away, the stunning city is home to medieval churches, ancient Roman ruins, plenty of cosmopolitan pavement cafes, seafront restaurants and, of course, a fantastic selection of NOVASOL Zadar accommodation and apartments.