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Come stay in one of our NOVASOL villas in Tenerife! Tenerife is one of the most popular islands in Spain and the largest and most populated of the Canary Islands. This is for good reason, too as the island has gained a place in many travellers hearts for its wonderful climate, striking beaches and warm, lively atmosphere. The capital of the island is Santa Cruz De Tenerife and is home to one of the largest carnivals in the world and to plenty of villas for rent in Spain. The island is the link between the green north and the sunny and barren south. Find villas in the Canary Islands and discover Tenerife on your next family holidays abroad.

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Walking holidays in a volcanic landscape

As much as our villas in Tenerife offer rest and relaxation, the incredible landscape shaped by the climate is also great for active holidays. On holiday in Spanish villas in Tenerife, you find valleys with dense vegetation, forests, desert-like areas and rocky landscapes indicating a volcanic past. As a result of the varied landscapes, Tenerife also has diverse plant life. You will find large fruit plantations, e.g. banana plantations, but also pine forests and palm tree avenues. During the winter some areas of Tenerife are planted with wild poinsettias, making forest holidays particularly delightful.

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A healing atmosphere – Tenerife villas

Perhaps it is something to do with the fresh, mountainous air, the clean seawater, or the well-tended environment on the island, but Tenerife is often recommended as a therapeutic retreat. Why not rent a villa or apartment in Tenerife and enjoy the healing qualities of the island? Many rent a villa in Spain to enjoy the nightlife and ambience, but many Spanish general practitioners have advised their patients to go to Tenerife in order to treat or minimise issues like circulatory diseases and skin problems. Why not relax on the beach or in a spa and restore your health?

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Villas in Tenerife for nature lovers

What a fantastic destination for those who would like to discover exotic landscapes, flora and fauna without taking a long-haul flight to get there! In Tenerife you will find Pico del Teide which is Spain’s highest mountain at 3,718 metres above sea level. The easiest way to visit the mountain is to rent one of our Spanish villas in Tenerife and take a cable car to the top of El Teide, located in the amazing National Park.

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Magnificent culture and Art in Tenerife

As well as vibrant tourist centres, the island of Tenerife has lots of museums, temples and modern art galleries. There is delicious traditional cuisine, authentic displays of Canarian dance and craftwork, and a large amount of welcoming locals. The Carnival in Tenerife is the second biggest carnival in the world and second only to the one in Rio De Janerio! rent a villa in Spain and you may just coincide your self-catering holiday with the festivities, or one of the many other performances, religious celebrations and traditional events year round.

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North and South of the island

Our holiday lettings in Tenerife are located in some of the more interesting areas of the island. First there are the charming towns of Buenavista, La Guancha and Icod de los Vinos. From these quiet and relaxed locations it isn’t far to bustling Puerto de la Cruz, where you can enjoy the sun in lively surroundings with old charm. In the south lies the very popular vacation town of Playa de Las Americas and Los Christianos are a well developed resort area with first-class facilities, leisure opportunities and plenty of other things to do in Tenerife. Beach life, water sports, friendly restaurants, lively nightclubs and excellent shopping are abundant here. When you tire of all the activity return to your holiday lettings in the more laidback Costa del Silencio near the little fishing village Las Galletas, or head even further inland to the very easy going San Miguel de Abona.

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Service - Why NOVASOL?

When you take holiday rentals in Tenerife from NOVASOL you can be sure you will get a holiday letting of the highest quality, no matter if you select it our three star or five star category. Our holiday rentals in Tenerife have private pools where you can have a refreshing dive whenever you like without having to wait on line, or wading through crowds of people. Having your own holiday rental is a different and more pleasant experience than staying in a tourist hotel, especially when you travel with children, or when you are looking for a quiet cosy place to restore your energy. When you villas in the Canary Islands enter your special criteria such as air-conditioning, dishwasher, and satellite TV. The lets we offer will have your specially requested amenities. We deliver!