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Below you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bookings, payment, arrivals, key collection, and our security packages.

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I haven't booked yet

How much consumption can I expect to pay?

For many of our holiday homes, the consumption costs are included in the booking price. For some holiday homes, you may need to pay for consumption (electricity, water, heating, firewood and similar) in addition to the booking price.   

In holiday homes where consumption is not included in the price, the costs depends on usage during your stay or are charged as a pre-defined amount per person per day.

The details of consumption costs are listed in the house description and on your My Booking page. 

The consumption costs will be settled in local currency upon departure or invoiced to you after your stay, please see your My Booking page for details for your booking. We aim to send you the bill within four weeks after your stay.

Calculation of the electricity price charged on Danish holiday homes 

NOVASOL wants to be transparent about how the electricity price you pay as a guest is calculated.
Our calculation of the electricity price charged to guests staying in our Danish houses is based on a publicly available basic price from The total consumption price is calculated individually from the basic price (A) plus the mandatory elements (B-E), which together make up the price that the homeowner will be asked to pay for the consumption to the property's electricity supplier. Please see below:

A) The actual cost price 
This price is highly dependent on the method used to generate the electricity (e.g. wind power) and therefore varies on an hourly basis, 24 hours a day. The cost price available on is used to create an average for the period of your stay in the holiday home.

B) Taxes paid to the government

C) Danish VAT

D) Electricity transport price 
The transport price is calculated on an hourly basis from the electricity supplier to the consumer, based on the time of day when consumption takes place as either a low (00:00 - 05:59), medium (06:00 - 16:59 / 21:00 - 23:59) or high (17:00 - 20:59) consumption pattern. We use an average of the meter readings in all Danish NOVASOL houses that allow digital meter reading on a 14-day rolling basis. The consumption pattern is then used to calculate the average of the total transport price.

E) Profit margin cCharged by the electricity company on an hourly basis (0.15 DKK)

In addition, NOVASOL adds 42% to cover the income tax that the homeowner must pay on the electricity price and an hourly fee of 0.30 DKK per kWh.

The electricity price is recalculated weekly and the price you pay as a guest is dependent on arrival and length of stay.

How do I book a holiday home?

The easiest and fastest way to find your holiday rental dream is to book directly through our website.

When can I book a holiday home for next year?

If you are already planning your vacation for next year, NOVASOL cannot make a pre-order on the rental you want. The prices are usually released in spring/summer the year before so please keep an eye on our website for the most up to date availability.

Can I pay in installments?

As an extra service to you, you have the opportunity to pay in two instalments if you book more than 56 days before arrival. 
The first instalment is 25% of the total rental price. The second instalment is the remaining 75% of the total rental price (due to be paid no later than 42 days before arrival).

Can youth groups rent?

Youth groups are defined as a group of at least six people under 21 years of age, although the age limit can be higher for certain houses. If you are booking as a youth group, you must let us know at the time of booking. NOVASOL reserves the right to turn down a youth group. Other restrictions on group composition may apply and will be stated in the house description. You must comply with any restrictions on group composition stated in the house description. 

How much does a final cleaning cost?

You will see the exact price when you book your stay. If you have already booked your stay, you can get this information in your MyBooking site.

What is the price of consumption?

If consumption is not included in the booking price, you will see the exact price per unit when you book your stay. If you have already booked your stay, you can get this information in your MyBooking site.

Will there be any cleaning products in the rental?

There are no cleaning products in the rental. However, there is a vacuum cleaner as well as a floor mop and bucket.

How many people are allowed in a rental?

The number of persons allowed in the holiday rental is stated in the description of the house. All people regardless of age count.


Pets are allowed in holiday homes when indicated by a dog symbol. If you wish to bring your pets, please inform us of this when booking the holiday home.

Holidays with a boat

In some of our holiday homes, a boat is included in the rental, and in other cases it is possible to hire a boat from the homeowner or a third-party, please see details in your My Booking page on how to book a boat. 
If you intend to make use of a boat during your stay, you should always familiarise yourself with the applicable rules that apply to the boat and the area. 
Find information about applicable regulations at the local maritime authority. You cannot be sure that there will be enough life jackets for your entire group as part of the boat’s equipment. This is your responsibility.

How is the holiday home decorated?

NOVASOL rents out holiday homes owned by private homeowners. The holiday homes are decorated and equipped according to the taste and likes of the homeowner. Beds might be smaller than standard, the hot water tank might have a smaller capacity than would be normal in a primary residence, and staircases might be steeper than normal. The year of refurbishment of the holiday home stated in the house description might refer to a partial refurbishment. 

Smoke-free holiday homes

Smoking is not permitted in any of our holiday homes.

What do the stars mean?

The more stars we award a holiday home, the higher the levels of comfort. Furniture, equipment and standard of the holiday home are considered.
 Very simply furnished holiday home with basic facilities, for a stay during summer.
Plainly furnished holiday home with few facilities.
 Well-kept holiday home, equipped with standard furniture.
 Well-equipped holiday home of a high standard, with comfortable furniture and extra facilities.
  Our best rated holiday home. Tastefully furnished and fully equipped.

Rental terms

You can find and read NOVASOL’s rental terms here.

Manage my booking

How do I pay for my booking?

You can pay through MyBooking with your credit card. We do offer some alternative payment methods which you can see on your MyBooking site.

How can I check my booking payment?

You can find your payment overview on your MyBooking site.

How can I pay the 2nd installment if I get a new credit card?

If you get a new credit card between your installments, we suggest you log onto your MyBooking site before the payment date and pay with your new card.

Where can I find my rental agreement?

After booking a rental, you will receive a booking confirmation email with a link to your personal MyBooking site. There, you can access every information regarding your booking.

Are towels and bedlinen included?

Things like towels, bed linen, and dishtowels can be included in the price or purchased before arrival with 5-days notice through your MyBooking site.

When can I collect the key/arrive to the rental?

You can usually collect your key between 4 and 8pm but the specific times are shown in the My Booking page. Make sure to indicate your desired/expected time of arrival on your MyBooking site.

How do I buy and pay for the extra services?

You can buy extra services usually up to 5 days before arrival via your MyBooking site if under "Extra Services".

What will I find in the rental?

In our rentals, you can find basic kitchen equipment as well as duvets and pillows for all beds. 

When do I pay the tourist tax?

If you are traveling to France, you will get an email with a payment link to pay your tourist tax when you get home from your holiday.

For all other destinations where tourist tax is applicable, you will pay the owner or keyholder once you arrive, in local currency.

What extra services can I buy?

Holiday Kit (only available in Denmark), which includes: 
3 dish cloths 
7 dishwashing tablets 
1 sponge 
Glass cleaner 
Dish soap 

Linen Kit, which includes: 
1 duvet cover 
1 pillowcase 
1 bed sheet 
2 towels 
1 dishtowel

Final cleaning 
Are you considering to clean yourself after your stay? Find more information on this here

Are you considering to buy a clean for after your stay? Find more information on this here

Does the stay you are considering have a mandatory clean? Find more information on this here

Parking at the accommodation?

Parking information will be available on the property description. 

The access road to the house is rarely asphalted and can most often not be used by sports cars or lowered vehicles.


Many of our NOVASOL holiday homes have wi-fi. As Wi-fi is an extra service there might be a separate fee. You can find this information in the property description.


Barbecue/Grills are available in many holiday homes, where this is the case, it will be shown in the property description

Why is there a security deposit?

A security deposit is a standard practice in the vacation rental industry. It covers consumption costs and any potential damages or additional costs that may occur during your stay.

When will the security deposit be charged?

For bookings made after the 18th October 2023, deposits are mandatory on all of our Danish houses and will be added to your booking automatically 9 dates prior to your arrival date. You can find this information in your "MyBooking" account.
For houses outside of Denmark if there is a security deposit due this will usually be payable directly to the owner and will show on your M Booking account. 

How much is the security deposit?

The amount of the security deposit depends on the type of property you have booked:
Standard houses: 100 EUR
Sauna houses: 115 EUR
Spa houses: 150 EUR
Pool houses: 360 EUR

How can I pay the security deposit?

You can conveniently pay the security deposit through your MyBooking account within 9 days to your arrival date. 

When will the security deposit be refunded?

The security deposit will be automatically refunded up to four weeks after your departure date, provided there are no damages or additional charges incurred during your stay. This will be refunded to the same card/account used for the initial payment.

What if there are damages or additional charges?

If there are any damages or additional charges, the relevant amount will be deducted from the security deposit. You will receive an itemised statement of these charges.

Whilst I'm on holiday

Houses with swimming pool

When booking a holiday home at least 3 days before arrival, the indoor swimming pool is heated up to approx. 24-25°C.


Please do not pour water on the sauna oven as this can lead to serious damage or power outage.

Tips for saving electricity in holiday homes with indoor swimming pools:

- always keep the doors and windows of the pool room closed  
- do not turn off the dehumidifier - this can lead to the air humidity being too high in the pool area  
- place the pool cover over the pool when it is not in use  
- set the floor heating to a constant temperature – avoid regulating  
- if there are bedrooms that are not in use, keep the doors to these rooms closed and turn the heat down to 5°C.

Charging of electric vehicles

Some holiday homes are equipped with a charger for electric vehicles. Avoid charging electric vehicles from normal outlets, as this can cause overheating, damage to the electrical installations and potentially fire.

Where can I collect the key to the rental?

On your MyBooking page, you can see the link to your ‘Route description/Key collection’ where the location is indicated. 

For stays in Denmark where there is a key box, you will receive an SMS 2 days before your arrival. Please make sure your mobile number is updated in the MyBooking page.

What time do I have to depart from the rental?

You have to depart no later than 10am on the day of departure.

Where do I return the key?

You return the key to the same address where you collected it, in case that there is a key box, you can leave the key back in the key box.


We hope you have the best experience, however, should you need assistance please speak to our local representative within 72 hours. If you need any further support, please contact us.

What if I cause a damage in the holiday home during my stay? 

Accidents happen, but please inform us of any damages. The best way to do this, is through our messaging service. That way we can react quickly and replace any broken item so that it is ready for the next guests.

Who do I contact if I'm arriving later than planned?

For late arrivals past 8pm please contact the key holder, you can find the contact details in your MyBooking site.

Can I get travel instructions?

Travel instructions are available in your MyBooking site.

Do I need to clean the accommodation before leaving?

Accommodation will be cleaned prior to your arrival, and we ask that the accommodations are left in a similar condition upon check-out.

Find more information on this here

I've completed my holiday

How can I leave a review?

We highly value your feedback and would love to hear about your holiday experience. After you have returned home from your trip, you can expect to receive an email invitation from us within 48 hours. This email will provide you with an opportunity to share your valuable feedback.

I've left something at the accommodation

If you realize that you have left something behind at the accommodation, we recommend reaching out to the owner or keyholder as soon as possible. They will be able to assist you in retrieving your lost item. If you require additional support, please don't hesitate to contact us. It's important to note that while we are here to help, we cannot be held liable for any lost possessions.

I had issues during my holiday and would like to make a complaint?

We sincerely apologise for any disappointment you may have experienced while on holiday, we kindly advise addressing any concerns or issues promptly while on-site to ensure a swift and efficient resolution, if you require further assistance, please contact us. If you have registered a complaint with us and have been unable to find a resolution, please see further detail below.


Danish appeals board

If it has not been possible to come to a solution after your stay, you can submit your complaint about a holiday home in Europe to the Board of Appeal, a private, authorized appeals board established by the Danish Consumer Council and the Danish Holiday Home Association, of which we are a member. Read more at or contact: Board of Appeal, Vandkunsten 3, 3., 1467 Copenhagen K, Denmark.



If you are resident in France, you may, in the event of a dispute, have recourse to a mediation procedure or alternative dispute resolution procedure under the applicable law. Our mediator is the Médiation du Tourisme et Voyage (MTV). After notifying us in writing and if you do not receive a satisfactory response within 60 days, you may submit the dispute in accordance with the conditions set out on the mediator's website. Read more at: or contact: Association Médiation Tourisme et Voyage BP 80 303 75 823 Paris Cedex 17. 



If you live in the European Economic Area, you can also use the European Commission's ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) platform ( to lodge a complaint.

Still need help?

If you still need to contact us, please be aware that wait times may be longer than usual. We are working hard to help you as fast as we can and our team will do our very best to help you

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