Last Minute Holidays in Europe

Sometimes it’s not possible to plan a holiday months in advance, you have to wait until the last minute before making a booking. And, other times, the sudden desire for a holiday is overwhelming and you set your eyes on jetting away next week. Whatever your reason for a last minute holiday, self-catering holidays in Europe are the best way to do it. Booking accommodation and flights separately is easy these days, and gives you loads of flexibility on last minute getaways. Browse our range of 50,000 holiday homes and find the perfect holiday lettings available tomorrow.

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Last minute holidays

With the cheap cost of air fares and the thousands of villas, apartments and cottages offered by NOVASOL, it has never been easier to get away at the last minute. All you need to do is choose where to go. Browse our portfolio to find villas in Italy, Spain and Croatia, as well as holiday homes in northern destinations such as Scandinavia and Germany. Holiday homes at every price and specification are available for your imminent departure. Whether it is a February city break in Dubrovnik or a summer fortnight in Tuscany you are after, we have just the accommodation for you.

Self-catering holidays in Europe

When travelling last minute, the best way to be flexible is with self-catered accommodation. Trying to organise a package of flights and hotels is stressful and expensive when you depart in a week or two, and it’s hard to make everything line up. Instead, try self-catering and mould your holiday to your last minute requirements. Across Europe, there is great variety for a break, from a quick city trip to a month-long stay in a beachside apartment. With the continent’s close proximity to the UK, particularly holiday homes in France, Belgium and Holland, you can be on the beach in just a couple of hours.

Last minute summer holidays

Not everyone has the foresight to book their summer holiday months in advance. Often, families are feeling the Christmas pinch and can’t afford to book their August getaway until June. For all instances, NOVASOL is here to help, offering plenty of choice whenever you decide to book. We also offer tantalising summer destinations with villas in Croatia, Greece and all over southern Europe. If you are after a change, why not try holidaying in Scandinavia by renting one of our holiday homes in Norway. The fjords are wonderful to explore at this time of year and warm sunny days are not uncommon.

Last minute winter breaks

Last minute holidays are often a spur of the moment decision when you feel like you most need them. This is definitely the case in the winter months when a week of sun and activity can make all the difference. Why not escape to the beach this winter by renting one of our Marbella apartments? Or, if you want a new experience, maybe villas in the Algarve or Lisbon apartments. On the other side of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is often the best bet for warm weather in the winter, as average day temperatures hover around 15 degrees.

Spring and autumn

Similarly to the winter season, the spring and autumn months can be barren periods without a comforting getaway. At least in the winter there is Christmas to entertain you. When looking for autumn destinations, consider central Europe and the picturesque towns of Bavaria and Austria. Holiday homes in this region become extra cosy as the weather gets colder, especially with a nice fire in the hearth. For spring holidays, try renting villas in Greece and go on walks in the mountains to see the flowers. Spring is, in many ways, the best time to visit Greece while the weather is not too hot and the sites are less busy with tourists.

Last minute city breaks

City breaks are becoming increasingly popular with young and older travellers alike. There is something deeply satisfying about getting away for the weekend, enjoying a different environment and culture while only using up a day or two of precious holiday. NOVASOL has holiday homes in some of Europe’s most exciting cities – perfect for a last minute escape. Perhaps the most underrated of the great European capitals, Lisbon is always good value for a weekend. Rent Lisbon apartments and join in the cherry brandy drinking and bask in the warm weather. If romance is on the agenda however, Venice apartments are unbeatable, just a short walk from the canals and historic squares.

Countryside getaways

Just because its last minute, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it small scale. The best plans are bold, so why not push the boat out and go for a big countryside villa with a pool on your last minute getaway. Head to Tuscany for an Italian villa holiday, or perhaps the Loire Valley in France. If you are feeling very indulgent, NOVASOL has a number of chateaux in France, available to rent for very affordable prices. For getting in touch with nature, you can’t go wrong with holiday homes in Sweden and the Scandinavian countries which are big on outdoor activities and are very welcoming to families.

Hop across the channel

If you don’t like travelling by plane, or can’t afford a last minute flight, travelling to France, Belgium and Holland is always a fun alternative. Holidaymakers enjoy staying in Normandy cottages throughout the year, and holiday homes in Belgium are particularly attractive at Christmas time when the festive markets open up in cities like Ghent and Bruges. Holland is excellent for family holidays, particularly if you rent accommodation in one of the country’s many holiday villages. These lettings provide a fun holiday environment and are often close to outdoor activities such as mountain biking and water sports.

Reliability and quality

All of NOVASOL’s holiday homes are hand-selected by our team and visited before being added to our range. This helps to keep our standards high and our families happy. If you are looking for cheap holidays, in hundreds of European destinations, renting last minute with NOVASOL can be a great option. Our homeowners agree exclusive contracts with us to ensure that our holiday homes are the best value for travellers.

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