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Montenegro, also known as the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is still such an undiscovered destination for many of us, yet so beautiful with its stunning landscapes, wonderful wide beaches and crystal clear lakes. NOVASOL has a range of almost 100 hand-picked holiday homes in locations across Montenegro, many of which are located just next to the amazing Adriatic Sea. You can find tremendous wild rivers running through canyons as well as some of the most spectacular mountains in Europe. Montenegro is located between Croatia in the north and Albania in the south and its beautiful, varied coastline has steep cliffs, small lovely bays and beautiful sandy beaches, all of this and more is within easy reach of our villas in Montenegro. Apart from the beautiful landscapes, you can also find fascinating ports serving fresh local cuisine as well as coastal cities in ancient Mediterranean style.

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When you choose to book one of our fully-furnished and comfortable Montenegro villas or holiday apartments for your next self-catering holidays in Europe, you are sure to enjoy the freedom of doing what you want whenever you want. Enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening on your very own private terrace of your selected property from our range of holiday homes in Montenegro, all while soaking up stunning panoramic views over the sea and mountain ranges. When you choose self-catering in Montenegro with NOVASOL you with have the freedom and flexibility to create your own personalised itinerary; meaning you get to spend your precious quality time with your loved-ones exactly as you wish.

Things to do in Montenegro – self-catering

For those who prefer active holidays, then Montenegro is a great option for self-catering holidays in Europe; why not do some hiking, climbing or trekking through the beautiful landscapes and mountains of Montenegro while self-catering Montenegro? Explore marshlands, numerous valleys - including the lush and verdant Tara Valley - the deepest and longest valley in Europe located in the fantastically beautiful Dinaric Mountain range. We would say that these mountains are one of the great highlights of Montenegro and would recommend a trip here during your stay in our Montenegro accommodation. Why not plan excursions to some surrounding towns, fishing villages and historic sites of Montenegro, or even cross the border and spend some time in Croatia or Albania?

Active holidays in Montenegro accommodation

There are numerous great hiking routes and designated paths through the rugged terrain of Montenegro - perfect for holidaymakers in search of adventure! Make your time spent in NOVASOL self-catering holiday homes an unforgettable experience by venturing off the beaten track and perhaps out of your comfort zone and into the wild and captivating landscapes of this wonderful country discovering a myriad of things to do in Montenegro. We are confident that it will leave you spellbound! You can also enjoy picnics with your family and friends, maybe taking a break next to the beautiful Biograd lake - perfect for swimming if self-catering Montenegro in spring or summer!

Family holidays in Montenegro accommodation

Why not take your family somewhere new for your next self-catering holidays in Europe; Montenegro is a great choice as a destination for a memorable and unique family holiday. Enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits; including mountain biking, rafting and sailing or even skiing in winter - with activities suitable for all ages. Our Montenegro villas and apartments are ideally located for indulging many of your existing passions or for uncovering Montenegrin culture together as a family! In addition, when you choose NOVASOL self-catering holiday homes, you can be sure that you will have comfortable accommodation to return to. We offer holiday accommodation in Montenegro which ranges from compact and functional Montenegro apartments right through to spacious villas with pools; many of which will make the perfect setting for relaxing, memorable and fun-filled family holidays in Montenegro.

Nature meets history in Montenegro

Montenegro is home to lots of protected National Parks, which offer the chance to surround yourself in unspoilt nature; the caves and grottos being particularly popular with children - just one of the many hidden treasures of this largely undiscovered country! As well as all this natural beauty Montenegro as plenty of history and culture whilst you rent one of our carefully hand-picked holiday homes. In the country's cities - the largest of which being the capital of Podgorica - you will find a mix of architectural styles, cultural practices and traditions. This is because of the Montenegro's somewhat tumultuous past. Pay a visit to some of the mosques, Orthodox Churches; such as the Hristovog Vaskrsenja or the Republic Square for a taste of Montenegro's history.