FAQs about our holiday homes

FAQs about our holiday homes


How do you define the star ratings?

The more stars a property is awarded, the higher the levels of comfort. Furniture, equipment and the condition of the holiday home is taken into account.

* Very simply furnished holiday home with basic facilities, for a stay during summer.

** Plainly furnished holiday home with few facilities.

*** Well-kept holiday home, equipped with standard furniture.

**** Well-equipped holiday home of a high standard, with comfortable furniture and extra facilities.

***** Our best rated holiday home. Tastefully furnished and fully equipped.

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Why do you show a watermark on some of the photos?

When the holiday homes are marked with the camera symbol, it means that it is a model photo, and therefore may not show that exact holiday home.

Please note: there may also be used a model photo for possible sauna and jacuzzi facilities, even though the camera symbol is not shown.



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What is the maximum number of people allowed in a holiday home?

Due to the unique layout and style of our holiday homes, the maximum capacity of our homes varies. You can find information regarding the maximum number of persons allowed in your chosen home in our house information on our website. Please note, all persons in your party count regardless of age.

In our holiday homes in Denmark, you can often bring an extra child under 4 years of age, free of charge. The same is sometimes the case in Norway and Sweden, although please check at the time of booking.

Please note, it is not permitted to put up a tent in the garden or bring caravans etc.,

For any queries, please contact us on 0845 680 5856.


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Do you allow groups booking and youth groups in your holiday homes?

Some of our houses may not allow large groups or youth groups; if this is the case, then it will be written in the holiday home description.

A group refers to 6 persons or more, who are not related to each other. If you are planning to travel as a group, please advise NOVASOL at the time of booking. In order to ensure that our homes are kept in the best condition possible, NOVASOL reserves the right to turn away group bookings at their discretion. Please note, if you fail to advise that your booking is a group booking, we reserve the right to turn away the group on arrival or during the stay.

Please note that for group bookings, on top of the ordinary breakage deposit, an additional and refundable charge of £90 per person applies, as mentioned in the rental agreement. Deposits are payable upon arrival.

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Can I bring pets?

Plenty of our houses are pet friendly, so in many cases yes! In Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Central Europe you can usually bring two pets. Usually, only one pet is allowed in the pet friendly houses in Southern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia). For all countries, the holiday home description will show whether pets are allowed. If you would like to bring more pets, please make sure you contact us well in advance and we will try our very best to help.

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Who has decorated the holiday home and how is it equipped?

As our holiday homes are decorated by the house owner, each house is unique and reflects the home owner’s personal taste.

In the kitchen you will benefit from enough pots and pans for cooking, as well as tableware for the maximum number of persons allowed in the house.

Please check the house description for further information about the inventory or contact us with any other questions.

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Can I expect to find duvets and pillows in the holiday home?

Yes, there will always be enough duvets and pillows for the maximum number of persons allowed in the holiday home. Please note, the duvets and pillows may reflect the local style and culture so may differ from what you use at home!

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What about bed linen?

Please note, in some of our holiday homes, especially in Northern Europe, bed linen may not be included in your holiday price. Please check, via our website or with our sales team, to see if bed linen is included in the rental price at the time of booking. If it is not included, you can either bring it yourself or alternatively rent it locally. If you are in doubt about this, please do give us a call 0845 680 5856.

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I suffer from an allergy; should I bring my own duvet and pillows?

If you require a certain type of duvet or pillows, we recommend that you bring your own. We also recommend that you opt for a holiday home that does not allow pets. For any queries, please contact us on 0845 680 5856.

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What are consumption costs?

Not all NOVASOL holiday homes include consumption costs such as water, heating and/or electricity. Where consumption costs are highlighted as being excluded (i.e. ‘Electricity not included’), this cost will need to be paid locally in addition to the rental price that you have paid NOVASOL. Consumption costs not included will always be highlighted in the booking process and can consist of:







·Tourist tax (a local tax that you have to pay in some of the countries in Europe, such as Austria and Germany)


Why do some owners charge locally for consumption?

Consumption costs can vary significantly based on the type of holiday home you have chosen to rent, its size, how many guests are staying in the home, the time of year you are renting it and the facilities included. This is why some of our holiday home owners believe it is fairer to charge customers only for the consumption that they use, rather than an average taken across the season which is then added to the basic price.

How do I pay the consumption costs?

Normally a meter reading is taken in your presence with either the owner or the caretaker at the start of your holiday and again at the end, and most home owners will allow you to pay for the consumption used at the end of your holiday.

However, at larger properties some owners may ask you for a deposit on arrival (e.g. EUR 100) before settling the balance on your departure and in a few cases in Denmark, where our holiday homes have for example a heated indoor pool, you may need to prepay a level of consumption cost before arrival, although any consumption unused will be refunded to you within 21 days of your return from holiday.

If you have any questions about the consumption costs, please call us 0845 680 5856 or send us an email novasol@novasol.co.uk

Please note that many of our holiday homes are 'all-inclusive’, including all 8,000 properties in Croatia, meaning that all consumption costs are included in the rental price.

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Can I choose whether I want to book a non-smoking holiday home?

Yes, we offer both smoking and non-smoking holiday homes. You can select your preference in our advanced search and also find out whether a property is a non-smoking house in the holiday home description. The house owner may even show it with signage in the holiday home.

If nothing is stated, you can smoke in the house. If you are in doubt, please contact us.

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How do you measure the distances from the holiday home to local facilities?

The distances stated in the house information are estimated and based on how the crow flies – please note, they are meant as a guideline.

Nearby bathing possibilities

This distance is measured as the distance from your holiday home to the nearest coast or shore, which could be the sea, an inlet or a lake. Please note, it is not necessarily the distance to the nearest beach or open-air bath.


Shopping opportunities

This is the distance to the nearest grocery store, mini market or supermarket. Please note, some shops may only be open during the high season and, therefore, the distance to the nearest store may be slightly longer during the low season.

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What time can I pick up the key for the holiday home?

You can collect the key to your holiday home between 4pm-6pm (please note, it may extend until 8pm in some countries during the summer).

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Can I collect the keys for the holiday home after your usual opening hours?

Please contact one of our service offices or your holiday home owner via phone, post or email if you would like to collect your keys outside of normal collection hours. You will find their contact details in your rental documents.

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What time do I have to check out on the departure day?

The check-out time is 10am. Please note, your holiday home should be in the same condition as you would expect to find it (so nice and clean!), unless you have pre-booked end of stay cleaning or if the final cleaning is included in the holiday price. Once you have departed your holiday home, please return the key.

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Do I have to clean before I check out?

In some holiday homes, you have the option to complete end of stay cleaning yourself and thereby save money. Our service team will check the holiday home after your departure. Alternatively, you can pre-book end of stay cleaning (please book at least four days prior to departure).

In some holiday homes end of stay cleaning is mandatory, which means that you will have to pay for this service when you collect the keys for your holiday home,

How will I find out if the final cleaning is included in the rental price?

Just click on the house information in order to find out about the additional costs for the holiday home.

How much does end of stay cleaning cost?

The cost of a final cleaning varies depending on the size of the holiday property and the destination. Please look in the 'What is included in the price?’ on the holiday home presentation or contact our team for further information.

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Can I expect to find cleaning products in the holiday home?

We recommend that you bring essential cleaning products yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase them at the local supermarket upon your arrival at your destination.

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