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Why not spend your next holiday in our over 300 holiday lettings in Greece, the country of sun and gods, and at times feel as thought you've been transported back in time? Let the legends and myths become alive and visit the Acropolis or Olympus to feel the impressive force of these historical places whilst immersing yourself in the unique Greek culture. Or simply relax on the many white, sandy beaches by the clear blue sea and enjoy the warm weather and plenty of sunshine during your stay in our self-catering apartments and villas in Greece. Spend your next travel adventure in the comfort of our holiday rentals in Greece situated on hidden islands and discover the magic bays and endless beaches at your disposal.

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The Greek islands

Over 6,000 islands of different shapes, sizes and personalities can be found in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, whilst only 4% of these islands are inhabited. The collective coastline of all the islands total an astonishing 75,000 km, so there is enough space to enjoy the sun and the sea on your villa holidays in Greece, whilst kilometres of sandy beaches can be found everywhere and there are plenty of things to do in Greece. You can also find black beaches that have been created by volcanic rocks in the Greek islands. Many of them have been awarded with a Blue Flag Certificate for particularly clean water and those who like water sports will find the perfect conditions to indulge their hobby.

Things to do from your villas in Greece

While spending your Greek self-catering holiday on the country’s beautiful beaches, there are also so many other things to discover. Our holiday villas in Greece are close to various water sports activities, like sailing, snorkelling, swimming, surfing or water skiing. But also if you are a fan of paragliding or hiking, you won’t be disappointed by the great sports on offer and fabulous Greek countryside whilst on a self-catering holiday. Of course Greece is also well-renowned for its historical treasures, so anyone interested in the fascinating Greek history should visit the fascinating archaeological sites such as the Parthenon, the Acropolis and the Sanctuary of Delphi.

Greek History

Greece is famous for its amazing historical diversity, spanning a rich period of over four and a half thousand years. A self-catering holiday in Greece is a journey through gripping myths and tales, archaeological sites to take you back in time and fabulous traditions anchored in a breath-taking and unique culture. Visit the Acropolis, the ancient citadel sat perched above Athens, or the Parthenon, which was completed in 432BC. You don’t need to visit Athens, however, to have access to Greece’s rich past. Rent an apartment in Crete, or another of Greece’s many islands, and discover ancient fortresses and bountiful religious ruins all over the island.

Greek cuisine – villas in Greece

Did you know that the first ever cook book was written in Greece 330 BC? Souvlaki, Gyros and Moussaka are only some of the many delicious traditional dishes in the Greek cuisine. Whenever you don’t feel like cooking yourself during your stay in your chosen villas in Greece, why not spend some evenings in one of many Greek restaurants or taverns together with your friends and family? The Greek people are extremely warm and hospitable and we are sure will be more than happy to suggest a dish to try if you are unsure. Why not indulge in a little of the high quality local wine during dinner, which tastes excellent yet as a results of the strict Greek wine laws that assures a high-quality wine production.

Discover Greek culture

Aside from tantalising cuisine, Greek culture is full of fantastic folklore, music, dance, festivals and celebrations to discover on your villa holidays in Greece. The Greek Orthodox Church calendar is full of marvellous events and special days that are observed by many people – religious or not. Book your family holidays over Easter or Christmas, for example and enjoy parades, fairs, special food and celebrations all over Greece - which are some of the main attractions in Greece. Try your hand at Greek dancing, explore Greek art through the ages or learn about superstitions and unique customs in your local community.

Climate in Greece

No matter whether you book a holiday rental on Peloponnese, Halkidiki or in Thessaly, on Crete or Corfu, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time, enjoy delicious cuisine and the sun during your stay in our villas in Greece. The Greek islands are very popular among Greeks and foreign visitors alike because of their mild climate, short distances and optimal conditions on the beaches and in the water. However, there are regional differences and weather and climate in the mainland varies in relation to the weather on the islands. The many mountains on the mainland create a colder climate than the warm Mediterranean around the islands does. Greece offers an idyllic Mediterranean climate and sunshine all summer, but can be relatively cold in the winter. Read in more detail about things to know about Greece before booking!

Service-Why NOVASOL?

At NOVASOL, customers come first, and with local offices all over Europe, including in Greece, our customer service doesn’t end once you’ve made your booking, but continues throughout your self-catering holiday. For a low-cost holiday in Greece in an authentic property with any amenities you could wish for, including a swimming pool, search our range of holiday homes online 24/7 and make your booking. Alternatively, call our reservations department, who would be happy to help you secure your NOVASOL apartment in Athens or villa in Crete.