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Cyprus is a beautiful and diverse island in the Mediterranean Sea; with white sandy beaches and a warm and hospitable people. With so much to do and see while staying in our self-catering holiday homes on the island you will be spoilt for choice. Discover the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea from a locals perspective by staying in one of our privately owned villas in Cyprus. With NOVASOL, you will have the choice to spend your holiday either in a remote location or in the heart of towns and villages with the locals and enjoy the relaxed Cypriot lifestyle. Alternatively, you can also browse our range of self-catering holiday apartments in Cyprus or Cyprus villas in one of the popular tourist destinations, where you can immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, the many restaurants and bars as well as the unique Cypriot culture of this fantastic holiday destination in Europe.

Villas in Cyprus

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Relax in the Cypriot sun

Whether you are looking for pure relaxation in the sun, an active holiday or perhaps a combination of the two, you can find it all while self-catering Cyprus. The stunning landscape of the island is definitely a highlight and is sure to enchant all those who visit; you will find beautiful beaches - made up of both sand and pebbles during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes. You will also find numerous charming fishing ports within easy reach of our coastal holiday lettings in Cyprus, many of which have remained unchanged for decades, where you can sample some wonderfully fresh and authentic seafood dishes.

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Explore the landscape of Cyprus

The two mountain ranges which stretch across the island are perfect for holiday makers in search of something a little more active than simply lounging on a lovely beach. Why not enjoy a leisurely breakfast in your holiday homes in Cyprus, before heading out for a hike through one of the mountainous areas to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Some of our 'must-sees' in Cyprus include the Pentadaktylos Mountain on the northern coast of Cyprus - which literally means 'five fingers' and you will see why - as well as volcanic green areas of the Trorodos Range; home of the awesome Mount Olympus. However, there are also many other places that are worth seeing during your self-catering Cyprus holiday. Alternatively, you always have the option to just relax on the terrace of private holiday accommodation to get a good tan and enjoy the view!

Things to do – self-catering in Cyprus

The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia, a city with a host of cultural attractions, ancient sculptures and great shopping opportunities. Many holiday makers enjoy staying in our self-catering holiday homes that are located close to this city. This area of Cyprus is also perfect for relaxing yet fun-filled family holidays in Cyprus, as children generally enjoy exploring the ancient historic centre which transports visitors back in time. Here you will find plenty of ancient buildings, traditional shops selling a variety of unique keep-sakes and authentic restaurants serving up delicious local Cypriot cuisine. If staying in Nicosia, or even if just visiting for a day, make sure you also see the wonderful St John's Cathedral and the Selimiye Mosque, with its amazing Gothic windows.

Self-catering Cyprus - Cypriot cuisine

Of course, Cyprus is synonymous with traditional dishes of Mezze; delicious small dishes perfect for sharing. There are dozens of variations of Mezze dishes for your to try during your stay in our holiday homes in Cyprus but among the most popular are tasty dips such as Tzatziki, Hummus and Taramosalata. Tahini - a paste of crushed sesame seeds, beautiful Cypriot olive oil and garlic is also popular and not to be missed out on! Among others, Dolmades - vine leaves stuffed with flavoured rice - are often on the menu. You will find wonderfully fresh seafood dishes as well as meaty offerings such as the traditional shish kebabs an tender lamb chops. It is one of the best things to do in Cyprus to try out a variety of local restaurants and sample as much of the regional cuisine as you can during your self-catering holidays - there is sure to be something on the menu to suit all tastes as well as budgets!

Villas in Cyprus - Why self-catering

One of the many benefits of self-catering is the fact that it affords you the opportunity to eat when, where and what you like! We firmly believe that when staying in self-catering holiday homes in Europe, you will have a more authentic experience of your chosen destination and a real taste of what it would be like to live there. You will also have greater freedom and flexibility to determine your personal itinerary when you choose to stay in self-catering accommodation as opposed to staying in an all inclusive hotel. Choose your holiday accommodation from our range of beautiful villas in Cyprus - many of which have private pools - and lovely self-catering holiday apartments in Cyprus. Our portfolio of holiday homes in Cyprus is constantly growing, so if you fall in love with the country - which we are confident you will - make sure you come back and view our latest range!

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We got unlimited Wi-Fi at our holiday home (Property ID: CYP028) as requested. Thanks so much for this. There was very good site upkeep and there was also very well organised swimming pool maintenance. Everything met our expectations.

Anja from Tunbridge Wells, October 2015