Fishing Holidays in Europe

For anglers and fishing enthusiasts, self-catering is the best way to combine family holidays with fishing. NOVASOL offers thousands of self-catering holiday homes and accommodation options in some of the best fishing destinations in Europe – many of which are specifically tailored to suit the needs of even the most discerning fisherman! Popular fishing destinations include the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as central European nations. For anglers everywhere, it’s time to broaden your horizons and go for a bigger catch with NOVASOL holiday homes.

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Fishing holidays in Scandinavia

With one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe, a fishing holiday in Scandinavia is an experience you will not forget. Stay in a NOVASOL fishing house in Scandinavia and practice spinning, fly fishing or natural bait fishing within easy reach of holiday homes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Hundreds of different species of fresh and saltwater fish are found in countless lakes, streams and rivers as well as on the coast. The rich fishing grounds coupled with the beautiful and peaceful scenery make Scandinavia THE paradise for anglers. During your self-catering fishing holiday in Scandinavia you can also choose to go hiking through the forest or even visit one of the great cities close to your Scandinavian fishing lodge.

Fishing holidays Europe

Norway self-catering fishing holidays

Fishing in Norway is all about the fjords. These impressive natural phenomena cut into the western coast of Norway, and their extremely low depth offers anglers fantastic sea fishing opportunities. Fishing enthusiasts head to the Norwegian fjords for cod beyond all else, a fish which is found in such abundance on the coasts of Norway. NOVASOL’s accommodation in Norway is ideal for anglers looking to liven up family holidays with a bit of fishing. While staying in fjordside cottages and apartments, families don’t just have great access to the water but have wonderful views, hiking opportunities and immersion in nature.

Fishing holiday homes in Sweden

NOVASOL has a fantastic range of holiday lettings in Sweden; many of which are on, or a short walk away from, the water. Whilst staying in your NOVASOL holiday home, you will find everything you need for the perfect fishing holiday, from boats available for hire, to fishing licenses and large freezers to store your catch! Choose a Swedish fishing holiday with NOVASOL and you will be able to experience days of great fishing and relaxing evenings of sitting around the grill, enjoying the idyllic scenery as well as your ‘catch of the day’!

Finland cottages

One of Europe’s last wildernesses, Finland is a sparsely populated country with a population of just 5.5 million. This means wide open spaces, big animals and vast supplies of delicious fish! Fishing is popular on the coast, but the best place to rent Finish holiday cottages is in the Lake District – Europe’s largest continuous lake area. With over 180,000 lakes, Finland has a large fresh water fishing scene with common catches including perch and pike. To catch this fish, you don’t even need a licence if you are simply angling, saving you money and time. After a fun day on the water, head back to your holiday home and get in the sauna. This form of relaxation is a national pastime in Finland which has an estimated 1.7 million saunas across the country. That’s almost 1 sauna for every 3 Fins!

Fishing holidays Europe

Fishing holidays in Germany

Germany has so much to offer for your next fishing holiday in Europe. Explore beautiful beaches, serene lakes and picturesque rivers or venture out onto either the North or Baltic Seas – whichever you choose you will find a rich variety of fish. With so many options and year-round fishing weather, Germany is a true fisherman’s paradise. Stay in one of our very well equipped holiday lettings in Germany, many of which are specifically tailored for fishing holidays – some even come with their own boat! With over 3,500 self-catering holiday homes in Germany, we are sure you will find the perfect accommodation for your next fishing holiday.

Fishing holiday homes in Austria

Crystal clear waters that are clean enough to drink trickle down from the mountains above and replenish glassy lakes. Cool rivers rush through the valleys and are teaming with a variety of fish. All of this, combined with the breathtaking backdrop, makes Austria a great setting for unique fishing experiences. Rent one of our villas in Austria for your next fishing holiday and enjoy the abundant fish stock which is a result of pure waters and good fishing policies. Why not visit the enchanting lake of Achensee? Often called the ‘Fjord of the Alps’, its colours are truly mesmerising, ranging from deep green to turquoise. This lake reaches depths of 133m.

Fishing holiday homes in France

Spend your next fishing holiday in France and try some of the famous carp fishing for yourself! NOVASOL offers over 4,500 villas in France and many of them are located close to water – making them the perfect base from which to get out and indulge your passion! France is home to a unique species of giant carp, the largest one on record weighing in at a staggering 92lb! If you choose to spend your next self-catering holiday in one of our lovely holiday lettings in France, you can be sure that you will be provided with everything that you need – and, should you not catch anything, you can always enjoy some of the renowned French cuisine!

NOVASOL fishing holidays

With 50,000 holiday homes in Europe, NOVASOL is committed to providing choice in holiday destinations and activities. With self-catering, you can spend family holidays doing the things you love whether they be fishing, skiing, water sports or other activities. Anglers love the flexibility that our holiday homes offer, especially those with the facilities to enjoy a premium fishing experience. All of our holiday homes in France, Germany and Scandinavia are hand-selected by our European teams to ensure that families have the best experience when they are out there. 

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