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Zminj in Croatia is a cosy little agricultural village which allows visitors of our Croatian holiday homes to discover this gem of a location at a relaxed and gentle pace. If you have done self-catering Dubrovnik or villas in Pula and fancy something slightly more laid back, this might be the thing for you! The village of Zminj sits on a striking limestone hill and its mainstay is farming, livestock breeding, and more recently tourism. With its position between several major towns in the area, it is an ancient crossroads, and in many ways the locals strive to keep traditional ways of life intact. With Croatia holiday villas from NOVASOL, you can have a holiday in the comfort and standard of your choosing. Our holiday villas in Zminj are rated from two-stars to five-stars. When we rate lets we promise you will find it is described in our catalogue.

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For a small, sleepy village, there is plenty to do in terms of activities near your Croatian holiday homes in Istria. The beautiful meadows and forests in Zminj provide a perfect backdrop for sports like walking, trekking and cycling. Recently discovered caves like Festinsko Kraljevstvo are well worth exploring for their fascinating shapes. As well as this, there are local vineyards which you can discover. In the old town you will also find a wonderful collection of attractions, including a castle from the 15th century, several churches – some dating as far back at the 11th century– and evidence of Medieval walls which still stand here. As well as keeping your eyes peeled for local occasions, feasts and events, it is always recommended to try and strike up a conversation with a local person, who may be able to give you some insider tips on the best places to see or eat.

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Whilst staying at your holiday rentals in Croatia, we suggest you try the vast selection of delicious Istrian cuisine in Zminj. Local residents here are well-renowned for using traditional family recipes that have been handed down through the ages. Many of the ingredients are also locally produced on farms or gardens. Typical dishes include: sausages with cabbage, venison with gnocchi, 'fuzi' (kind of pasta), 'supa' (crisp bread in red wine, terrano, with olive-oil and pepper) and the famous wines, Terrano and Malmsey. Local Croatia holiday villas from NOVASOL in Zminj will give you a chance to experience this region's folk culture. Music lovers can attend the very popular harmonica-playing festival in July, or the Bartulja festival (honouring St. Bartholomew) at the end of August. There are also often festivals celebrating food throughout the year, like the festival of cheese, the feast of figs, and a competition where locals compete with their homemade macaroni dishes.