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An adventure holiday in the Arctic part of Lapland offers the perfect break for those looking for holiday homes in Sweden. Watch in awe at the sky as you gaze upon the beauty of the Northern Lights, a display of natural beauty that is sure to inspire you. In the scenic setting of Lapland, there are activities for all the family. Go for a walk on the many beautiful trails, ski the mountains or even try a dog sled. Our beautiful holiday homes offer a retreat in a fantastical setting that will leave you wanting to visit again.

self-catering Sweden

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Holiday Homes in a Beautiful Natural Setting

Lapland comprises around a quarter of all Sweden, so when considering holiday rentals in Sweden, Lapland cannot be ignored due to its immense beauty. Lapland is bursting with deep pine forests, beautiful rivers and high mountains. In fact, the highest mountain in Sweden can be found here, towering over the beautiful landscape. Swedish Lapland is a perfect setting for a wonderful forest holiday. Other activities include mountain hiking, horse riding and fishing trout from one of the many lakes. Winter especially is a good time to visit for alpine skiing.

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Sights and landmarks

If it is views and landmarks that interest you, the Swedish region of  Lapland will not disappoint you. From the northern lights to the Ice Hotel and even a hotel located in the trees. The Swedish Lapland area is full of surprises. Holiday homes in Europe do not get much better than Swedish holiday cottages in Lapland.

Self-catering Sweden

Horseback Riding on Icelandic horses in Sweden

Our holiday lettings in Swedish Lapland offer visitors the chance to ride horses in a beautiful Icelandic setting. In this wild but frozen setting suitable for family holidays, you can fish and cook in your own kitchen of visit one of the amazing restaurants. Try one of the local meats such as reindeer or moose for a unique taste of Swedish cuisine and culture.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis appear around September time. There is no better place to view the greatest light show on planet earth than the Swedish Lapland. A cloud-free sky will allow you to gaze upon this beautiful phenomenon. Holiday lettings in Lapland are astounding and allow you to experience some of the best things to do in Sweden. When renting one of our unique cottages, you will be able to visit places such as the Ice Hotel made of ice and snow and here you can drink from ice glasses and eat off ice plates.

The Beauty of Lapland

Swedish Lapland is the land of eight seasons, wonderfully frozen in the winter and beautifully hot in the summer. Lapland has all the makings of a wonderful holiday setting. Renting one of our unique holiday homes here will make for a great family holiday. If you are interested in skiing, dog sledding or snowmobile tours then visit in the winter. Alternatively check out our holiday lettings in Southern Sweden for the joys of plunging into Sweden's many lakes in the warmth of the summer sun.

Holiday Homes

Our unique cottages and holiday lettings in the Swedish Lapland are some of the best on offer. Decide for yourself how long you wish to stay in your beautiful cabin and book on our site. You will be able to unplug and simply relax in this astonishing beautiful setting that is sure to make you forget about everyday life whilst self-catering Sweden. Amazing activities of all description are available here in the Europe’s last remaining wilderness area.

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NOVASOL holiday lettings have been renting amazing holiday homes since 1968. Whether it is a family holiday or an adventure holiday you are looking for, NOVASOL can accommodate for your tastes. We are the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe. Our cabins in Lapland are of the finest quality and each are hand-picked with our customers in mind. NOVASOL offer a truly remarkable service and are always present to answer questions and to help you find the perfect holiday home - from Stockholm apartments to Swedish holiday homes in Smaland.