Cottages in Hedmark, Norway's Highlands

Hedmark County is in Norway’s southeastern corner and offers some of the country’s most beautiful and varied nature. Contact Novasol about holiday cottages in Hedmark.

In Scandinavia Hedmark actually has a rather dark history as the stage for numerous wars with its neighbours. Happily today the area is known for completely different and peaceful things.

If you are planning a family holiday in Norway, Hedmark is the logical choice. Extensive pine and birch tree forests mark the area which also has heather and wetlands. Contact Novasol to hear about holiday cottages and holiday villas in the area.

The numerous large clear lakes found throughout Hedmark offer fabulous fishing. Even if you can’t be guaranteed catching wild salmon for dinner, it’s well worth a try. Even though the area is primarily lowlands, it does include fantastic mountain areas.

For example, the area’s highest mountain Rondeslottet, has a height of 2,178 metres and provides impressive hiking. Only 190,000 people inhabit the area so there is plenty of room to get away in any direction. Don’t miss this nature wonderland in the land up north.

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