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With just 15 inhabitants per km², the province Sør-Trøndelag is still more densely populated than its northern neighbor Nord-Trøndelag. The provincial capital Trondheim, by far the largest city in the province and also the third largest city in Norway, has been a natural transport hub since the Middle Ages, both within the entire Trøndelag region and between southern and northern Norway. Thanks to its undisputed and very central position in Norwegian history, this former archbishop's city has many exciting attractions and historically valuable museums. Add to that the modern shops and cozy cafés and the graceful setting on the river Nidelva, which leads into the Trondheimsfjord, making Trondheim absolutely worth a visit. Also recommended is the old, picturesque mining town of Røros (about 155 km south of Trondheim), which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Book one of our comfortable holiday homes in Norway and get to know this beautiful holiday region!

The topography of the Sør-Trøndelag province forms a typical coastal and fjord landscape in the west, while forest and agricultural areas surround the Trondheimsfjord. In the south there is a mountainous landscape consisting of the northern parts of Dovre, the Røros Plateau and the Tydalsgebirge. The hilly coast is "guarded" by some 500 meters of towering ridges, which continue to rise to the south. Among them is also the Storskrymten, with 1,985 m above sea level. NN the highest mountain in the province.

Like the neighboring province of Nord-Trøndelag, Sør-Trøndelag also boasts some of the best salmon rivers in Norway, including the Orkla, Gaula and Stordalselva, all of which enjoy a good reputation among the pro-Japanese. In summer and autumn, the Sør-Trøndelags mountain range is ideal for longer hiking tours, while Trondheim and Røros offer a rich and varied cultural program throughout the year.

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Trondheim - Popular destination in Norway

Trondheim is, after Oslo and Bergen, Norway's third largest city and, moreover, one of the oldest cities in the country. In the Middle Ages Trondheim was very significant and even today it appears as an active and vibrant city. The University ensures a busy student life. Trondheim is the transportation hub for holidaymakers in central Norway and between southern and northern Norway. From here you can take the train to z. As Oslo, Bodø or Stockholm rise. The mail boats (Hurtigruten) run daily to the port of Trondheim, which invites Norway to experience from the water side and thus enriched along the coast, the transport options.

In Trondheim you can participate in many exciting attractions and cultural events:

  • Nidaros Cathedral: Norway's national sanctuary and the largest Gothic cathedral in the north. The oldest finds are from the 11th century. In this impressive cathedral you also have the opportunity to climb the tower.

  • The "Erkebispegården" (seat of the archbishop) from the 11th century, located next to the Nidaros Cathedral. Home Front Museum, Army Museum and Armory are nearby and offer a glimpse into Norway's military history.

  • The Ringve Music History Museum; 3 km northeast of Trondheim. 1,500 instruments from around the world are exhibited here. The museum has its own chamber music ensemble and a concert hall, which invites to cultural events. The farm is surrounded by a botanical garden and is a popular excursion and recreation area of ​​Trondheim.

  • "Munkholmen" is just outside Trondheim. Here the monastery Nidarholm was found in the Middle Ages. Later, the monastery was fortified and used as a prison. Munkholmen can be reached by boat from Ravnkloa. Departure every full hour. There are good bathing and picnic facilities.

  • "Gamle Bybro" (the old city bridge) in Trondheim is from 1861 and the most photographed motif of Trondheim. It is also called the "happiness portal".

  • The chamber music festival in Trondheim takes place every year in September.

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