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The central Norwegian region Trøndelag consists of the two provinces of Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag, under which the northern province of Nord-Trøndelag, although larger in size (whose area exceeds that of the state of Hesse), with only barely 6 inhabitants / km ² but the sparsely populated is. The vast majority of North Trøndelag's population lives in smaller towns and villages such as Steinkjer, Stjørdal, Levanger and Namsos. The landscape is characterized by numerous fjords and fjords as well as thousands of islands and skerries. Some of Norway's best salmon rivers, such as Namsen, Verdalselva and Stjørdalselva, also flow here. The relatively flat and fertile fields along the Trondheimsfjordes are mainly used for agriculture.

Over the past several events have taken place on Nord-Trøndelag's ground which have been of great importance to Norwegian history. Already in the early Middle Ages frosty court is said to have met at the local place of Frosta and already passed laws that are the basis for today's Norwegian law and law. In addition, the Battle of Stiklestad took place in 1030 in the present municipality of Verdal. It sealed the Christianization of Norway despite the execution of the Christian chief Olav II Haraldsson (aka Olav the Saint) and introduced more peaceful times in the Norwegian lands.

The many fjords, waters and the vast, deserted nature make North Trøndelag the perfect holiday destination for those who have a sincere longing for quiet holidays and fishing trips. There is no big city noise or background sound here but only the tremendous, unadorned silence and tranquility of Mother Nature. Here you stop abruptly, not because you are stuck in a traffic jam, but because you think you have discovered a moose or perhaps a bear behind the trees! Come on an expedition to North Trøndelag.

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