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The cradle of skiing! This is Telemark. Once upon a time in Telemark Sondre Norheim was born in 1825 in Morgedal. He is the ski pioneer at all. Slalom, winter sports and the development of the technology of the telemark style we owe this man. The Olympic flame for the Winter Games in Morgedal has been lit three times already: 1952 (Oslo), 1960 (Squaw Valley, USA) and 1994 (Lillehammer).

Popular ski resorts in Telemark in Norway: Gaustablikk, Gautefall, Vrådal, Hallbjønnsekken and Haukelifjell.

The inner part of the Agder regions has a recent ski history and other ski areas; the best known is Hovden in Setesdal.

That said, let's not forget that after the winter a lush nature comes out under the snow. In April and May, green forests, fertile valleys, sparkling lakes and untamed rivers emerge. Anglers have a wonderful time and in September and October you can go for blueberry, cranberry and mushroom hunting. When the cold, clear nights come in the fall, there is hardly anything more beautiful than the autumnal golden play of colors high in the mountains.

Gaustadtopp is perched in the north of Telemark, considered by many to be Norway's most beautiful mountain range. It towers 1,883 meters above sea level. On clear days you can see in the east to the Swedish border and in the southeast to the coast. This view shows 1/6 of Norway! In the summer months (July-August) you can climb the Gaustadtopp (about 2.5 hours), start at the foot of the mountain south of Rjukan.

No matter what you want to do on your vacation, the holiday home always offers the ideal starting point.

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