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Rent a cottage in the midnight sun country:Looking for a relaxing holiday, rent a cabin in Finnmark. In one of NOVASOL's cabins in Norway you can meet enchanting nature, tranquility and exciting activities. NOVASOL offers holiday rentals in Norway in all price ranges and sizes.

To spend the holiday in a cabin is deeply rooted in the Norwegian people's souls, whether it's summer or sun or snow and skiing in the mountains. An increasing number of Swedes are also starting to raise their eyes for renting a holiday home. If you are interested in holidaying in Norway, it is a good choice to rent a cabin in Finnmark. Finnmark is Norway's northernmost county and here you will have a great experience in the midnight sun's country.

Silence and different experiences:With one of NOVASOL's cabins in Finnmark, you get prepared for a holiday beyond the usual. Finnmark is the counties of the contrasts: here you will find endless expanses and dramatic mountain scenery, shiny rivers where there are always naps and charming fishing villages where you meet local personalities. Should you rent a cabin in Finnmark you will look forward to lovely days in nature with long walks, fishing and seclusion.

If you live in one of NOVASOL's cabins in Finnmark, you also get a unique opportunity to explore northern Norway. For example, renting a cabin in Finnmark, you can visit amazing Nordkap. If you are on the cliff at Nordkap, it is only Svalbard that separates you from the North Pole. During the summer you will experience midnight sunshine and winter time you have great chances to experience the northern lights if you rent one of NOVASOL's cabins in Finnmark. Also be sure to visit Hammerfest which is the northernmost city of the world.

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