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A region in northwestern Norway, Møre and Romsdal offers majestic mountains, deep blue fjords and a chain of charming rural towns for those wishing to explore on a self-catering holiday. Møre and Romsdal is the northernmost of four regions in Norway's Fjords. The region is divided into the Sunnmøre, Romsdalen and Nordmøre areas and approximately 245,000 people live in this region. Among the county’s major cities are Kristiansund, Ålesund and Molde. Two of the best attractions in Norway - the 'Troll Road' (Trollstigvegen) and the Atlantic Coast Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) are also located here.

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Simply stated, there’s something for every taste in Møre and Romsdal. However, first and foremost it is the area’s natural beauty that makes it so unique for holiday lettings, even in Norway. Its varied landscape is both beautiful and merciless. If you want to come right up close to Møre and Romsdal’s unique nature, you should rent accomodation in Norway and take a drive along the Troll Road (Trollstigvegen). It was inaugurated by King Haakon in 1936 and crosses numerous mountains, reaching heights over 1,000 metres. Its highest point is 836 metres above sea level, and it is open throughout the warmer months.

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Reaching Møre and Romsdal’s cities

The largest cities in this region are Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund, which are all situated along the coast. Møre and Romsdal is also often referred to as the number one region for ferries. Of course, since the area consists of many islands and even one-third of the population are islanders, in the last 20 years many bridges and tunnels have been built to connect the islands better with each other and the mainland, but there are still many ferries that transport residents and tourists in wind and weather. Visit during summer holidays and find increased ferry departures with good capacity and most routes being between 10 and 30 minutes.

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Visit Ålesund on your holidays in Norway

In the Art Nouveau center in Ålesund you can get comprehensive information about this style. Rent a coastal cottage in Ålesund and you will find the Art Nouveau quarter with the houses that were rebuilt after the great fire in 1904. A few minutes from Ålesund is Scandinavia's largest aquarium, the Atlanterhavsparken, built in fjord and sea. Aksla is the name of the house (189 m above sea level), from which one has an incomparable view over the city, which can be reached over 418 steps. Sunnmøre Museum is 4 km outside the city centre. From your unique cottages in Norway you can visit 50 historical houses, a fishing department, 30 historical boats and various crafts. The church in Ålesund dates from 1909 and has a beautiful old-time panel, frescoes and stained glass. Due to the severe weather situation, the main entrance is not as in Christian traditions usual in the west, but east.

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Staggering nature

It’s also in this county you’ll find Geiranger Fjord which has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Don’t miss the fantastic Seven Sisters Waterfall (De Syv Søstre), with a drop of over 300 metres. Whilst self-catering in Norway you should also experience Kristiansund in the north, a unique Norwegian port town. Dramatic nature with high, steep mountains along the coast and numerous fjords that penetrate the interior characterise this landscape. Inland with its high mountains and long valleys, you will also find the stunning Geirangerfjord whilst self-catering in Norway and the mountain road Trollstigen with its hairpin bends and the fantastic view (for the passenger).

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Fishing holidays in Norway – Møre and Romsdal

Møre and Romsdal has long a tradition in the fish industry, which makes up a part of the history and culture of Norway as a whole. From this, fish have been exported to large parts of the world and have been around for centuries. If you eat salted cod in southern France, it is not unlikely that this is just coming from Møre and Romsdal. This place is a veritable paradise for anglers who want to catch their own seafood dinner and this applies to both saltwater and freshwater fish lovers! Either rent a fishing cottage in Norway with a boat and get stuck in to the activity, or enjoy the placid nature of the waterside scenery and reap the reqards with a plateful of smoked, salmon, fish stew, fresh shrimp, or lutefisk!

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Service – Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL can offer you Norwegian holiday homes all over the region. This district has something to offer even the most demanding holidaymaker and unforgettable holidays are guaranteed here. Let your imagination become your reality when you rent a holiday home in Norway and the breath-taking scenery of your dreams is what you can see from your cottage's hot tub, your kitchen, your waterfront terrace and your bedroom window. NOVASOL began almost half a century ago as a Danish-based Norwegian holiday specialist and our local offices in Norway ensure that no questions about your holiday in Møre and Romsdal will go unanswered.

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