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If you are going on holiday to the most Northern part of Denmark you will experience beautiful scenery. The region where the two oceans meet offers a great selection of Denmark's nature. In spring, you can witness how nature is reborn and during summer the best beaches in Denmark invite you to have fun, enjoy activities and bask in many hours of sunshine. If you villas in Denmark at the end of the summer, you will be welcomed by autumn’s golden nature and during the winter you can experience Jutland under a cloak of picturesque. The landscape offers many colours and beautiful sights during the whole year, all worth experiencing.

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Natural Sights and attractions in North Jutland

Surrounded by sea, fantastic beaches and with more hours of sunshine than the rest of Denmark, Northern Jutland is something unique. North Jutland is the place where you can enjoy the sun’s emerging rays in the early morning and then experience the amazing light at sunset on the opposite coast of the North Sea. It is also home to a number of natural attractions such as the Råbjerg Mile and the beaches at Skagen. Rent a villa in Denmark near Limfjorden and you could also admire the scenery there! In nature there is of course also a number of recreational activities such as golf, one of the well-known water sports or a relaxing walk or bicycle ride through North Jutland. The landscape is even perfect for dog-friendly holidays in Denmark.

Family holidays in Denmark

North Jutland is also ideal for holidays with children, as the region is as built for family. In North Jutland will find such Jesperhus Holiday Park, Aalborg Zoo, the North Sea Oceanarium, Fårup Summerland, as well as numerous museums, castles and manors. You will therefore never run out of activities and places to explore when you renting holiday accommodation in Denmark. The peninsula, Himmerland, is surrounded with water and presents the perfect opportunity for all kinds of water sports. The child-friendly beaches along the East Coast and the many opportunities for sailing, windsurfing and fishing ensure experiences for the entire family.

Home North Jutland Skagen

Where Jutland becomes narrow, you can enjoy wonderful holidays in areas such as; Kandestederne, Skiveren, Ålbæk, Hulsig and not least in beautiful Skagen. In the area you can visit the glass factories, the small coastal towns and enjoy the proximity to the lovely bathing. A must for a holiday in this area is a visit to the beach where you can plant your feet in the two seas that meet - a great natural phenomenon. Rent a Danish holiday home in Skagen and explore the delights of this area, such as the world famous art collections and the teddy bear museum. From your Danish cottage at Tannis or Ålbæk Bay you will find it easy to get around by car or by bike.

Holiday at Jammerbugten

The grand and hilly nature of the bay, Jammerbugten, invites you to take a long hike or just enjoying the fantastic view from the top of the hills. The power of the nature that formed Jammerbugten has created wonderful sandy beaches, cliffs and dunes, which frame the 54 km unspoiled beach. This scenery is just the perfect place to rent holiday cottages in Denmark. Up along the coast are exciting and inviting holiday resorts which are bursting with activity, especially in summer. Also the many cottage areas winding through the beautiful landscape make a pretty sight. The proximity to the water and the many beautiful beaches, will always give a unique touch to your holiday, whilst offering some of the best activities in Denmark.

Holiday on the North East Coast

In this area you can enjoy an idyllic setting around your holiday homes in Denmark, which is characterised by many quaint seaside towns, ancient manor, castles and especially countless child-friendly beaches. The beaches of the Kattegat is quieter than the west coast, here are fewer undercurrents and one can often bottoms 50-100 metres out why even the smallest children may be using. Take a trip up the coast, stopping at Sæby and Frederikshavn, where there is plenty of experience and good shopping. You can also head into Aalborg - the Paris of the North, where you can easily spend a whole holiday taking in Danish culture, the city's sights and the lively town centre. When you rent cottages in East Coast and the rest of Denmark is the possibility of a holiday of freedom.

North Jutland’s west coast is one of the best holiday resorts in Denmark. NOVASOL has holiday cottages for you and your family to come and enjoy a holiday on North Jutland's west coast.

North Jutland’s west coast is often called the Danish Riviera – and not without reason. All along the coast you find wide, white sandy beaches with incredibly many good bathing resorts for both children and adults. At the same time the small fishing villages have maintained an ambience which can charm all and sundry.

North Jutland’s west coast is without a doubt one of the most popular holiday resorts in Denmark. With help from NOVASOL you can be sure of renting holiday cottages in places that exactly suit you and your family’s taste. We have cheap holiday villas in all attractive places – and in all price classes.

People say that you have not really lived until you have seen the sunset on North Jutland's west coast. And it is truly epoch-making, unforgettable and wonderful when your eyes settle upon the incredible variety of shades of red that set the sea on fire, whilst you are sitting with your loved ones in the sand dunes.

Few places inspire you to laze around and enjoy your holiday like this one. Throughout many years we have let holiday homes in this area, and we are pleased to be able to use our experience to provide our customers with the best advice and service.

Service - Why NOVASOL?

It is not without reason that North Jutland is a very popular area for holiday homes in Denmark. No matter where you decide to vacation in North Jutland, you will find plenty of interesting sights and activities. A single week's holiday in North Jutland is not always enough when the region to be explored as the holiday experience queuing year. Whether visiting Northern Jutland in the hot summer months or in the colder winter months, you can therefore look forward to a splendid stay. When you choose NOVASOL's holiday cottages in Denmark, you also choose our professional service and local expertise being a Danish company.