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Odsherred is an exciting and scenic area in the northwestern part of Zealand. If you choose to rent a cottage in Odsherred, you can have many different experiences with your home in your luggage. Here is world class nature, exciting cultural history and a wide range of attractions that embrace all ages and interests.

Odsherred has always been a popular destination for recreation and holiday in Zealand. Therefore, today there are several large holiday homes, with both the modern holiday homes and the most classic Danish cottages, where cosiness and presence are at the forefront. Also among many artists there is a great love for the area, which, because of the special light, has been the source of inspiration for many beautiful landscape paintings. The beautiful light in Odsherred is often compared to what can be experienced in Skagen.

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Geopark Odsherred – a unique nature experience

As something unique, you can experience Denmark's first and only UNESCO-recognized geopark, Geopark Odsherred. Odsherred has got this great appointment because of the unique istids landscape, created more than 15,000 years ago. You have many opportunities to experience this particular natural area. There are about 300 km of hiking trails in the area as well as many mountain bike routes. At VisitOdsherred in Nykøbing Zealand, you can buy a map of the whole area and the many hiking trails.

Another special natural and cultural experience can be found in Grevinge Forest, where there are many ancient monuments from the Stone Age. Here you can, among other things, see a large stendysse from the ages of the ages, also called "the tomb of Hamlet". It is said that the Prince of Shakespeare's piece should be buried here. Another story tells us that it is giant Hamle, which is buried in the depths. The feet should face west and head to the east in the 39-meter-long nozzle. It is doubtful that one of these should be buried here, but it does not make the stendyss and the rest of the forest less exciting.

Geopark Odsherred

Beaches in Odsherred

When you holiday in Denmark, you will undoubtedly pass many of the lovely beaches and beautiful coastal areas along the approx. 7,300 km long coast. From your holiday home in Odsherred you will never be far to a nice beach. The vast majority of beaches in the area are suitable for children because of the low water. The coastline in Odsherred is very varied, but you can easily find a nice seaside resort with sand or smaller stones. In the summer season there are bathing bridges in several places, so you do not have to walk on the rocks along the coast. Here are some of the beaches you can visit while you vacation in North Zealand.

Ordrup Strand - A lovely sandy beach with a boat pier, where small dinghies and motorboats are located. At the beach you will find a good car park. From the beach there are approx. 600 m up to the town where you can buy ice and other delights for your day at the beach.

Ebbeløkke Strand - Here is a real child-friendly beach with low and clean water. At low tide, small lakes are formed on the beach where the children can enjoy themselves. There is a lot of rock at the beach, but there is also room for beach blankets in the narrow sandy beach.

Gudmindrup Strand - One of Denmark's best beaches. The beach is next to Sejerø Bay, which is also a good place for kite and windsurfing. The beach is wide and with fine sand and lovely dunes to play and shelter for the wind.

Rørvig Strand - Another of the best beaches in Denmark. The beach faces the Kattegat and opposite the beautiful Sandflugtsplantage. Here is a large parking lot, kiosk, toilets and lifeguards in the summer season.

Strand i Odsherred

Good attractions and excursions in and around Odsherred

Not only are there countless beautiful natural experiences that await you. In the area there are many good attractions that you can visit when renting a cottage in Odsherred.

A true family attraction in Odsherred is Sommerland Sjælland. An amusement park with more than 60 exciting, fun and challenging activities for the whole family. Here is the miniland for the very small slides that give you a stomach, 3D cinema, where you can face face with dinosaurs and a big water park for the hot summer days. Once you have paid an entrance fee, all rides are free.

Did you dream about becoming a firefighter when you were young, but did it only happen in childhood? Then go to the Odsherred Fire Museum, where the whole family can play firefighters for a day. Here are more than 20 fire trucks, where the oldest is from 1864. Many of the fire trucks shown you may want to touch and try.

In Odsherred Zoo Rescue you can see zebras, ostriches, llamas, camels, silk bears and many more animals on the 14-acre zoo area. Besides being a zoo, the place also works with shelter animals. Through various collaborations in Europe, Odsherred Zoo receives animals with disabilities or disabilities, trying to give them a good home in Odsherred.

It may seem a little strange to propose a trip to Aarhus, once you have rented a holiday home in Zealand. But, in fact, it is not far from Odsherred to the capital of Jutland, so if you choose to take the ferry from Zealand's Odde. The ferry takes approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes, and when traveling in Aarhus, you are in the middle of the exciting city, which offers countless experiences, such as the Aros Museum, The Old Town, Tivoli Friheden and a wealth of shops and restaurants.

There are also several nice towns in Odsherred, where you can buy, shop and participate in various events and markets that take place in the summer season. Nykøbing Sjælland is Odsherred's market town, with a large selection of supermarkets, specialty shops, cafes and restaurants. Rørvig is one of the area's small fishing villages - a real resort town. From Rørvig you can also sail to Hundested. In summer there is a lot of life at the harbor, where the boat is full of children on crab work and a good fish meal is enjoyed in the sun.

There are even more good attractions in Odsherred. You are always welcome to visit our local NOVASOL office in Vig, if you would like a few good tips for experiences in the area. The employees of Vig can also easily help you find the perfect holiday home for your next vacation in Denmark. They know both the area and all the holiday homes very well.

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Delicious local specialties

Part of the holiday is also to taste the local produce and local dishes. In Odsherred there is a great focus on quality products, both in fruit and vegetables, meat, wine and much more, produced on local farms. In particular, the Lammefjord area has been known for many different vegetables for many years. The vegetables are grown in the old fjord bottom, which contains many minerals. Many of Denmark's best restaurants are supplied with vegetables from the Lammefjord.

Whether you choose to buy the delicious produce directly on the many farms, and even prepare a feast at home in the cottage or you want to enjoy delicious dishes in the area's many good restaurants, you will never miss a good flavor during your stay holiday.Holiday rentals in Odsherred

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Rentals in Odsherred

Have you decided that Odsherred will be your next vacation destination, so you can enjoy a wide range of holiday homes in the area. We can offer rent of many really nice holiday homes, with wonderful sea views. Along the coast, the cottages are like pearls on a string. You can also find a selection of larger and more modern holiday homes, where there are bonus facilities like a spa and sauna - very nice for a winter holiday in a holiday home. You certainly will not be having trouble finding a holiday home where you must have your dog. Over 100 of the cottages we rent in Odsherred, welcome your dog as a holidaymaker.

As you can see, there is everything you need for a nice summer stay in Denmark if you choose Odsherred as a destination.