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Rømø is with no doubt the most beautiful island on Denmark's west coast. Rømø offers everything which you can expect to find on a Danish tourist island, including wide open spaces and fresh air. The island is an oasis far away from the stresses of everyday life and is located in the south-western corner of Denmark. Book your accommodation in Denmark on this peaceful island and explore the dam which is 9 kilometres long connecting the island with the mainland. Rømø is one of the five Frisian Islands located by the coastline of southern Jutland and it makes an ideal Danish holiday home location for both natives and tourists.

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This island in the Wadden Sea neighbours the stormy North Sea and is not only a paradise for nature lovers; it is also a place for relaxation, great times spent with family and friends, wellness and adventure holidays. The tide of the Wadden Sea and the marsh make for interesting nature opportunities which can be explored on foot or on your bicycle. Rømø offers the longest and widest beach in all of Europe! It is 12 kilometres long and up to 3 kilometres wide, making this the perfect place for swimming, playing, sailing or surfing. Rømø beach and the Wadden Sea both provide some of the best activities in Denmark for couples, families and friends!

Holiday in a holiday home on Rømø

Exploring nature on the island

Throughout the year, the Wadden Sea is a resting place for quite a few migratory bird species, making Danish holiday homes the perfect solution for wildlife enthusiasts. The marshes also act as a feeding ground for birds like the mallard, wigeon, pintail as well as different types of geese. You may also be able to witness the ‘black sun’ during your stay, where starlings group together and dance in the sky before your eyes – making for a beautiful spectacle. Rent a Danish holiday home in Bolilmark and discover the designated bird sanctuary there. The island of Rømø is located in the Wadden Sea National Park – Denmark’s largest national park – where there is plenty of space and freedom to explore the variety of lush landscapes around you.

Holiday in a holiday home on Rømø

Family holidays in Denmark

Every year, Rømø is visited by thousands of guests. This amount has increased lately, especially during the last few years where the amount of activities in Denmark for the whole family has also increased. You can do whatever you would like to do - it's a great place for an active holiday at a villa in Denmark. Whilst the beaches entice with the promise of various exciting activities for all ages, there are also places like the Rømø Labyrinth Park, where you can navigate through mazes and play other games. You can also quite easily take a trip to the mainland, where Legoland® in Billlund and the childrens' amusement park of Sommerland Syd are all worth a visit.

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Culture and art near your holiday homes in Denmark

The cosy villages of Tønder, Ribe and Møgeltønder are located only a short distance away, providing a wealth of local culture to discover. Visit the island of Mandø and the German island of Sylt or rent a Danish villa in Lakolk, where the souvenir shopping is excellent . You may also want to visit the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, where you can learn a little about the history of the fishing trade and how local cultures have been established around the coast of Denmark. The Hjemsted Oldtidspark Iron Age Park may also interest you, or the Art House in Skærbæk, where you can see a number of cultural events on your self-catering holidays.

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Cuisine on the island

Danish food largely focuses on delicious fish dishes and hearty meat recipes with a variety of interesting cooking methods, like pickling, smoking and roasting. Being an island, renting a holiday home on the island of Rømø means there will be plenty of opportunities to try Danish seafood. If you are wondering what to eat in Denmark, be sure to try a fish dish on your holiday! Whether you go for the English favourite of lightly battered fish and chips enjoyed with a view of the sea, or a plate piled high with freshly-caught shrimp. Find salads, beans, cauliflower and potatoes in particular are a comforting vegetable accompaniment to many meals taken at your villlas in Denmark or at local restaurants.

Holiday in a holiday home on Rømø

Service – Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL is the perfect solution to your accommodation needs with plenty of holiday homes in Denmark to choose from. Whether you are planning a romantic retreat with your partner or a family getaway with facilities for all ages, you can find all the amenities and a wide range of destinations with NOVASOL. Your Danish holiday homes can be a base for exploring the beach, a starting point for a trip to the mainland, and a place to relax with your loved ones after a day exploring the island. With offices based in Denmark, you will also find that our service is particularly reliable – even during your holiday.

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