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The whole family will enjoy spending a holiday in Marielyst on Falster in one of the most popular holiday areas in Denmark. Choose between many different holiday cottages for rent from Novasol in Marielyst.Kilometres of long, white sandy beaches, lovely woodland areas and cosy town environments close by. Sound tempting? Then Marielyst on Falster is an obvious option as a holiday resort for the whole family.

Novasol has many holiday cottages and holiday villas to rent in Marielyst, which are all situated close to the water and the lovely sandy beaches on the east coast of Falster. Specifically the many child-friendly beaches have made the area one of the most diligently visited in Denmark.Marielyst on the island of Falster is transformed every summer into the region’s largest town with a huge invasion of holiday guests who generate life and happy days. All possibilities are here to participate in the pulsating nightlife, and also to enjoy peace and quiet in the scenic holiday cottage area, which was once a holiday resort for the rich – and today is a holiday cottage area for the many.

The beach and wind conditions along the east coast of Falster are ideal for surfing. You can also receive instruction in windsurfing if you feel like challenging yourself and the waves. If you get tired of beach life, sights like the neighbouring Syouby Mill and Marielyst Strand Church are worth a visit.This is the place on the east coast of Falster, where long, white sandy beaches stretch over 20 km. The water is shallow and child-friendly here – as well as clean, which the blue flags flying signal. So you can calmly let the little ones lose at the water’s edge with a bucket and spade. In addition to beach life the many holiday cottage areas buzz with activities like riding, go carting, golf and bowling. Moreover, there is a good chance of making a fine catch, either from the coast or one of the island’s Put & Take lakes.

On the north side of the island there are big woods with a vast number of fascinating walking and cycling paths. Don’t miss Gedser Odde – the most southern point of Scandinavia, where you might be lucky enough to see rare birds of prey during a walking trip to the impressive clay cliffs or find amber at the water’s edge.

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