Self catering holidays in Sardinia

Self-catering in splendid Sardinia

Sardinia is calling with its rugged, idyllic landscape and unique sense of cultural identity, which is so compelling that many Italians rent holiday homes here time and time again. If pure, white sands and lucid turquoise seas were'nt enough, there are rolling forests, underwater caves and gemlike islets to discover. Delve into the island's fascinating history in Sassari or take the plunge on one of the Costa Smerelda's infamous world-class beaches from your holiday lettings. Spend the day rock-climbing at Alghero, investigating historic sites in authentic Olbia or wildlife-watching at Asinara National Park before returning to your Italian villa for a relaxing swim.

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Villas in Sardinia with a view

White sandy beaches as far as you can see, turquoise waters with colourful fish, tropical vegetation and a warm climate – this sounds like a description of the Caribbean Islands, but this is what you can expect of a self-catering holiday in Sardinia. If you would like to relax while enjoying the beautiful landscapes, we recommend that you rent an Italian villa in Sicily and take the train to Trentino Verde. The train passes by areas of forests and lakes, where nature is wild, beautiful and unspoilt. The train crosses bridges and pass through tunnels on its way to some of the most picturesque mountains, archaeological sites and best beaches in Sardinia. This is indeed a trip for the entire family!

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History hunting from your Italian villas

Sardinia has a unique history well worth exploring on your family holidays in Italy. Amongst a host of appealing and enthralling historical attractions are the Nuraghe fortress, several local villages and fantastic temples and tombs, which are found in rural areas (e.g. near Brumini and Valle dei Nuraghe). Nuraghe was built by people, whose ancestors make up one of the biggest mysteries of the Mediterranean. You don't necessarily need accommodation in Rome to discover some of Italy's rich history. Explore this beautiful island by renting your very own Sardinia villas or self-catering apartments in Sardinia.

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Things to do in Sardinia

For those adventure-hungry holiday makers renting villas in Italy, the northwest of Sardinia is a famous area for sports. The most important venue is located in Stintino, a small fishing village that offers plenty of activities and recreation opportunities such as walking, cycling, boat trips, diving, golf and horse riding. It is also possible to take a boat ride from your holiday homes to discover the marine landscape from a new perspective. Nature lovers will fall in love with the Maddalena Island or the variety of hiking trails in the area of Gennargentu. Of course, self-catering in Italy also has the benefit of learning about one of the richest cultures in Europe - evident from local museums and galleries, to the customs in small villages and even what you may find on your plate!

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Explore Italian cuisine in Sardinia

The Sardinian cuisine is simple, but delicate and delicious - something to be explored from your Sardinian villas. Traditional food includes the sumptuous Sardinian suckling pig, comforting Carasau bread, spianatine (which is amazing with cured meat and cheese, e.g. Fiore Sardo and Pecorino Sardo). Other typical dishes are lobster cooked in the Alghero way, tuna from Carloforte, soup, and clams. Whilst at your holiday rentals in Italy, you may also enjoy fine baked good with almonds and honey. Finally, wines such as Cannonau, Vermentino, Vernaccia, Malvasia from Bosa are popular as well as liqueurs such as red Mirto, Filu and Ferru. If you are on a self-catering holiday in Sardinia you can bring some of this delicious food back to your villa or apartment and have a relaxed evening on the terrace or balcony.

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Where to stay on your Sardinian holiday

From charming coastal cottages to spacious country villas, there is plenty of choice of location in Sardinia. Popular cities of the island are Oristano (near a Roman archaeological site); Cagliari (near the village Nuraghe Su Nuraxi Barumini); Stintino (known for its amazingly beautiful nature which invites you to practice different types of sports and activities). The Gulf of Orosei is also worth a visit whilst self-catering in Italy due to the lovely beaches, whilst islands such as Caprera, Budelli and the archipelago of Maddalena are also popular destinations. However, the island is just 130 miles by 70 miles, meaning it is quite possible to discover every delight it has to offer within comfortable reach of your villas in Sardinia.

Sardinia villas

Family holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia is an excellent destination for your next family holiday. Choose an Italian villa with facilities to suit family memebers of any age and fill your time with visits to child-friendly beaches with soft sand and shallow waters, wildlife excursions, exploring caves and capers in historic towers. Go shopping for souvenirs in Cagliari, dolphin-spotting in Olbia or even ride horses in Iglesias. Whatever you choose to do, feel your villa in Sardinia is a place to relax after an exciting day on the island. Stay in a NOVASOL villa with a swimming pool and finish your excursions with a relaxing dip or a family meal on the terrace.

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Service - Why NOVASOL?

NOVASOL have almost 50 years' experience in sending happy holiday makers away to our holiday lettings in Italy. Sardinia may deliver the best of Italy's rustic charm and virtually undiscovered beauty, but having offices in Italy means that NOVASOL knows everything you need for a wonderful self-catering holiday in Sardinia. Select from small but comfortable holiday homes, to large and luxurious villas with swimming pools and you should find the ideal holiday home for you and your family. If you have tried villas in Sicily and are looking for another slice of Italian island paradise, search our holiday homes in Sardinia and find just what you have been looking for.