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The Aosta Valley in Italy is considered to be a true piece of paradise although it is the smallest region in the country. The first thing that springs to mind when you think about the Aosta Valley are the dramatic mountains with their endless opportunities as an exciting environment for cottages or villas in Italy. The Alps stretch forth, offering incredible panoramas, a special sense of tranquillity and a plethora of opportunities for adventure holidays. Some of the most popular peaks in the Alps are Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Monte Cervino and Gran Paradiso. NOVASOL has Italian holiday lettings nearby which will make you feel at home, yet on top of the world in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

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This region has several valleys rich in flora and fauna, including the Aosta Valley itself, from where its name has been derived. The landscapes of the Alps have beautiful villages, dense forests, beautiful grasslands, lovely lakes, wonderful glaciers and amazing nature parks. Whilst self-catering in Italy, discover Gran Paradiso Park, Mont Avic Regional Park, and verdant botanical gardens. The Valley of the Gran San Bernardo and the Valley of the Valpelline Ollomont also have some of the breath-taking scenery. NOVASOL has Italian villas with Gran Paradiso Park on their doorstep, or the mineral springs of Saint-Vincent.

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The Aosta Valley is home to a number of leisure activities in summer and also in winter. So no matter which season you visit this place, your self-catering holiday is sure to be filled with wonderful activities. During summers, you can go hiking in nature reserves and parks and explore nature. You can also take part in horse riding, cycling, mountain biking or polish your golf skills. Canoeing, rafting, kayaking and fishing are some of the water sports that you can be involved in from your Italian country cottages. During the winters, you can enjoy ice rock climbing, ice staking skiing and mountain climbing. There are also many spas in this region where you can pamper yourself and try some of the beauty treatments.

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Cultural activities in the Aosta Valley

Culture is a huge draw to Italy, with old customs still making a big impact on ways of life, tastes and experience of modern day Italy. Take in traditional architecture in the Aosta Valley, celebrate feast days and visit the craftworks museum whilst you take a self-catering holiday in Italy. You don’t need Venice accommodation to see a vibrant and colourful carnival, either! Visit the Aosta Valley to take part in the Verrès Carnival, Coumba Freide or Pont-Saint-Martin where vibrant costumes, parades, historical re-enactments and music invite locals and visitors to take part in Italian culture. Otherwise, fairy-tale castles, impressive churches and informative museums lay out the fascinating history of this mountainous region and its people.

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The Aosta Valley for history lovers

In the first century B.C., the Romans began to develop their conquered land, building on the land and working on transport networks. Today, you can still see well-preserved relics of Roman history around the Aosta Valley region. Book an Italian villa today and visit the forum, the cryptoporticus, the city walls and Roman theatre! Allow your imagination to run wild on your villa holidays as you absorb the region’s past – whether the gruesome history of the burial ground, the detail of the consular road to Gaul, or the remains of a Roman residence. Kids and grownups alive will be enthralled when you rent your Italian country cottages with thousands of years of history on the doorstep!

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Italian cuisine at your apartments in Italy

The most well-known cities of Aosta Valley are Aosta, Saint-Vincent, Sarre, Cogne and Courmayeur. Book any of our apartments in Italy and sample a selection of unbelievably good culinary treats. The cuisine here is influenced by the French, but you will still get a sense of pride in the widespread, hearty, tasty and distinctive flavours found in the best Italian recipes. Enjoy a large selection of regionally produced cheeses, herby hams, creamy risottos, warming beef stews and fish caught in mountain streams and then grilled with beautiful simplicity. Perhaps your next Italian villa holiday will be the perfect opportunity to try cornmeal polenta with melted Fontina cheese, or barley soup with delicious vegetables.

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The Aosta Valley for all ages

Whilst renting an Italian villa in the Aosta Valley offers much for adults in terms of wellness retreats, extreme sports and exclusive wines, children can also truly look forward to plenty of activities on their villa holidays, too. Visiting educational farms, the observatory, learning to ski or simply discovering Italian nature with complete freedom are just a few experiences that can be fun for all the family. Adventure parks, swimming pools and the mountains and rivers themselves offer endless possibilities. Rent Italian villas and after a day either at the spa or on the slopes, you can relax at your holiday home in front of an open fire with a bottle of D.O.C. wine.

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Why not trade in your Tuscany apartments or villas in Venice for a unique experience of the Aosta Valley? NOVASOL has Italian holiday homes in popular regions, and those less visited, too! With almost 50 years’ experience sending our customers away to Italy, put your faith in the family favourites and start planning your holiday rentals in Italy today. Holiday villas in Italy have never been easier to find – simply search our extensive listings and you could be exploring the Italian Alps, visiting attractions at altitude or even learning a new sport in the Aosta Valley. Local offices mean our excellent staff will be on hand before, during and after your holiday in Italy!

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