Relaxing Italian villas on the Lazio coast

Italy’s Lazio region is most famous for the great city of Rome which dominates its culture and international tourist appeal. Italians realise this, and so escape whenever possible to the fresh air and relaxing environment found on the Lazio coast. Along this beautiful stretch of coastline, Romans and in-the-know tourists can find some of the most charming villas in Italy, perfectly located for accessing the wonders of the capital city and the historical gems spotted around the region. If you are looking for an Italian villa with a pool, close to the sea and to one of the world’s most vibrant cities, it is hard to beat the Lazio coast.

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Self-catering in Italy – explore the Etruscans

The Lazio region is one of the most historically rich areas of the country, renowned for its Etruscan sites spotted along the Mediterranean Sea. The predecessors to the Romans, The Etruscans build sprawling ancient settlements and grand villas in Italy’s Lazio region. One of the most famous of these is the Villa of Tiberius outside the ancient town of Sperlonga – one of the prettiest towns on the coast. If you are in search of Roman rather than Etruscan sites, why not visit Ostia Antica, Rome’s ancient port? Wherever you choose to explore, when self-catering, Italy opens up for the inquisitive holidaymaker.

Day trip to Rome

Italian villa holidays are not complete without a trip to one of the country’s bustling cities, and located only hour away from the coast, the city of Rome is well within reach of your Lazio coast Villa. Italy personified, the Eternal City is full of things to do and see for both children and parents. Why not take a day exploring the Colosseum or eating ice cream in St. Peter's Square? It makes a fun change from the hidden coves and quiet beaches of the coast.

Italian villa holidays – perfect for all ages

NOVASOL’s Italian villas are full of character, and this is no truer than along the Lazio coast! Suitable for families and friends of all ages, these are some of the most diverse, charming and well-connected villas and apartments in Italy.  The nearer to the coast you go, the more activities there are for the children, with all the usual water sports available at the many beaches. The food of this region is delicious as you would expect, with the fresh giant shrimp a beachside highlight. Make sure to try the local Canino olive oil before you leave; it has a distinctive green colour so you can’t miss it!