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Calabria - the foot in the Italian boot - is one of the few regions that has not yet been flooded by tourists. So if you want to experience the original Italy, this is the right place. This landmark offers on 800 km of coast, the most beautiful blue sea and really child-friendly beaches.

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Discover the beautiful region of Calabria. Stay in a fully furnished holiday house in Calabria. All holiday homes in Italy have been furnished with the personal touch of the owner and make the holiday a special experience. Holiday homes in Calabria are ideal for holidays in Italy in a private atmosphere. Start your discovery tour in Calabria directly from your holiday home.

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The possibilities on the kilometer-long sandy beach are great and varied for water sports, especially for adventurous activists. Snorkeling and diving in fascinating beautiful coves can be found here, for this is Calabria. The water is especially clean and lets you see life under water in all its beauty. In addition, during the day you can bathe wonderfully and in the evening on the beach listening to the roar of the waves during a romantic walk. Look for your favorite place, linger and simply enjoy the nature. You will soon feel a tremendous rest. Children will be especially enthusiastic, because there are three fantastic adventure baths. Rafting on the Lao at Papasidero is a pleasure for young and old. Spend a great holiday in a holiday home in Italy.

The kitchen of Calabria

The sea also gives you a special treat on the dining table. Here, swordfish is caught in crowds and prepared in many varieties. The fish with its frightening name is a special specialty and value to be tasted. If you have caught fish yourself, you will learn the Italian cooking and have a wonderful evening of fish and wine in your holiday house in Calabria.

Licorice - the glycoside of the sweetworm root - a. from the Mediterranean. In the licorice museum in Rossano - also the seat of the traditional company Amarelli - you will learn that the flavor has a 50 times stronger sweetening power than cane sugar.

Discover Aspromonte Mountain in a holiday home

The mountain massif Aspromonte, with the highest elevation of about 2,000 m, enchants with bizarre rock formations and narrow valleys with rocky river beds, mostly dry in the summer. 80,000 ha are a nature reserve with olives, oranges, pebbles, oaks and chestnuts. In the fauna, goshawk, wildcats and wolves are represented. Do not explore this region alone! If you want to bring a souvenir, you may choose a large, terrifying sound mask, for which the region is famous.