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Holding within it one of the most famous cities in Italy, as well as gorgeous lakes and picturesque towns, the Lombardy region is one of the most popular amongst tourists for holiday villas in Italy. NOVASOL offers a range of holiday homes in Lombardy, allowing you to stay in comfort and freedom. There is not only Milan to see – Lombardy offers many other beautiful destinations to visit, such as Bergamo and Brescia in the most central area of ​​the region, Como and Lecco closest to Piedmont, and the beautiful Mantua, bordering Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

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Nature and lakes from Italian villas in Lombardy

Lombardy is the region which contains the majority of Italy’s northern lakes. From one of our NOVASOL holiday homes in Lombardy you can have fun with friends and family taking picnics on the lakeshore, swimming in the fresh water and trying out many sports and water activities! Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, but the region also includes the entirety of Lake Como and much of Lake Maggiore’s shoreline. There are also Lake Iseo, Lake Lugano, Lake Idro, Lake Varese and the Lakes of Mantua, Superiore, Middle and Lower. Due to its varied geology, mountains, hills and even plains, Lombardy offers many different activities for family holidays. Browse our Lake Garda villas today.

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Self-catering in Italy – art and culture

The beautiful region of Lombardy also offers many wonderful cities to visit, full of unique Italian culture. The most prominent of these is definitely Milan, where you can see its famous Duomo with the Madonna, the Gallery and many museums. Even Como, with its lake and its fascinating historical symbols, is a valuable cultural addition to Italian villa holidays. Brescia and Bergamo are two more interesting cities to visit during your stay in Lombardy, along with Sesto San Giovanni, Pavia and many more. Are you passionate about art? This region houses the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting "The Last Supper" at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which you cannot miss!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Lombardy

Lombardy is the ideal destination if you love to wander around museums, admire works of art, explore churches and basilicas, and all that interests the history and culture of Italy. By staying with NOVASOL in our holiday villas in Italy you will be within easy reach of many of the world’s most prestigious works. Famous in Lombardy are also the Pinacoteca di Brera, the Archaeological Museum of Sirmione and 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit from holiday rentals:

  • Crespi d'Adda Worker's Wool

  • Santa Maria delle Grazie and Cenacolo Vinciano

  • Redicus in the landscape of the Aula and the Bernina

  • Mantova and Sabbioneta

  • Longobards Testimonials

  • Sacri Monti

  • Monte San Giorgio

  • The Rocks of the Camonica Valley

  • Alpine Arches

Lombardy cuisine – Italy self-catering

Lombard cuisine is interesting and fun to try! The most famous dishes are the risotto, pizza and the meat cutlet dishes, all called "Milanese" after their origin in Milan. Due to the presence of numerous rivers and lakes in the region, lemongrass dishes are also prevalent in Lombard cuisine, and you cannot forget about polenta, which is very popular here as it is across Italy. Self-catering holiday homes enable holidaymakers to enjoy the region’s variety of sweet dishes such pantone and pancakes. In Lombardy, there are also many areas where DOC wines are produced, including Oltrepò Pavese, Franciacorta, and Valtellina. In addition, as far as the alcoholic delights are concerned, Amaretto di Saronno is drunk at every opportunity, but must be of Lombard origin.

Things to do in Milan

Whether your interests lie in sports, culture, food or fashion, you are bound to find something you truly enjoy in this bustling city. Rent holiday apartments in Milan and discover displays of cutting-edge design, ultra fashionable catwalk shows in ancient buildings, historical exhibitions and traditional recipes. Milan cuts a fine balance between the old and new which gives the city its unique atmosphere. Visit Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Last Supper', and don't miss a trip to the Gothic Cathedral Duomo from Italian apartments in the city. Meanwhile, Milanese shopping boutiques are the best in the world and beckon tourists out the swanky bars with their glamorous offerings.

Lombardy and its surroundings

The Lombardy region is well-connected to the rest of Italy, meaning from Italian villas in Lombardy, you can explore many neighbouring regions and attractions easily! The region has many airports such as Milan Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio and Montechiari, meaning that NOVASOL’s holiday lettings are rarely difficult to get to. Meanwhile, trains and coaches run with regular services to Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont or Veneto. Thanks to the water connections in Lombardy, you can also travel all along the river Po and arrive for a night in our Venice accommodation, or take a motorboat and have lunch there, with a view of the lakes!

Service – why NOVASOL?

With NOVASOL’s holiday lettings in Lombardy, you will have all the comforts of your own home while enjoying the freedom to explore the region at your own pace. You can organise your holiday in every detail, without worrying about time schedules or any other limitations. Make yourself at home in our Italian villas and be confident in the support of our local teams which are always there to answer your questions and provide support. Our villas in Italy are the ideal choice for privacy, flexibility and tranquillity, and allow holidaymakers to explore Lombardy and discover everything that makes this region so fascinating with friends and family.