Apartments and villas in Italy on the northern lakes

Italy’s northern lakes are renowned the world over for their natural beauty and romance. Located at the feet of the Alps, lakes Garda, Como and Maggiore are the most popular of the lakes with tourists who enjoy their pretty lakeside towns and mountain villages while self-catering. NOVASOL has a terrific range of Italian villas and apartments around the northern lakes, perfect for taking in the scenery and culture with the flexibility your family needs.

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Villas on Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda’s snake-like shape winds itself through the Italian regions of Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino. The scenery changes drastically as you move up the lake, with the hills of the south being gradually replaced by the towering mountains of the Alps as you move north. Self-catering on Lake Garda is a smart way to enjoy the small towns that litter the lake’s shore, reached either in the car or by boat from any of the lake’s major harbour towns.

Lake Garda towns to visit from your Italian villa

Of Lake Garda’s many picturesque towns and villages, Desenzano is the liveliest with plenty of bars and an active nightlife scene. The town is on the southern shore of the lake and has pleasant winding streets and excellent access to the rest of the lake via its harbour. From here, tourists visit Sirmione, a popular holiday destination for the ancient Romans who came here to enjoy its thermal springs. When renting a villa on Lake Garda, Sirmione is a must-visit for its historic centre which contains a 13th century castle which kids will love for its fairy tale appearance.

Sites and activities in Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is a more substantial town than the small tourist villages that line much of Lake Garda. Located on the northern tip of the lake, in the region of Trentino, this town has lots going on in its multiple waterfront squares and around the museum, and is a great place for renting apartments and villas. Italy loves a medieval clock tower and Lake Garda is no exception – the 13th century Torre Apponale clock tower is a major attraction in Riva del Garda, and is worth the climb for eager tourists. For families who enjoy water sports on their villa holidays in Italy, windsurfing classes take place just off the town’s harbour.

Villas in Italy on Lake Como

Possibly the most famous lake in Italy, Lake Como is a lavish destination for Italian villa holidays. A popular destination for visitors from Milan and lower Lombardy, the lake is home to the city of Como and the elegant towns of Bellagio and Menaggio. Many tourists stay in rented accommodation on Lake Como and explore the lake’s towns by boat. Bellagio, a lakeside paradise of bobbing fishing boats and post-card vistas, is enjoyed by Milanese day-trippers who stop off for a walk around the old town centre and an ice cream overlooking the lake. A short boat ride from Bellagio is Menaggio on the west bank, home to an 18-hole golf course and water-skiing opportunities. From Menaggio, walkers embark on mountainside hikes including a 9km walk up Monte Grona to the town of Breglia. These hikes are wonderful for seeing the wild flowers which bloom of the mountainside, as well as the incredible views over the lake.

Italian villas on Lake Maggiore

The second largest lake after Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore is a peaceful location of sleepy villages and stylish promenades, wonderful for self-catering. Verbania is the prettiest town on the lake, home to the legendary gardens of Villa Taranto which are beautiful all year round, and contain over 2000 species of plant. Nearby, out in the middle of the lake, the Borromean Islands rise up out of the water, crowned with elegant palaces displaying Italian masterpieces.

The food of the northern lakes

Food and culture on the northern lakes are heavily influenced by the city of Milan, especially Lake Como which is just a short train ride away. The Milanese have been renting villas on Lake Como for generations, as well as apartments on nearby lakes di Alserio, di Pusiano and di Annone. Expect to find plenty of cured meats and salamis in the mountains as well as hearty risottos and vegetarian stews. Self-catering in Italy is a smart way to immerse your family in the food of Italy, eating local specialities in family-run restaurants and cafés.

Italian villa holidays with NOVASOL

Lakes Garda, Como and Maggiore are just a few of the many lakes which tourists enjoy while self-catering in Italy. NOVASOL has plenty of fantastic Italian villas across the northern lakes, enabling you to design the perfect holiday for your family.  Whether you want to stay in a remote lakeside villa with a pool, or a stunning apartment in the heart Como, NOVASOL has the holiday home for you.