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Trondheim is the ideal place for a holiday for families with children and friends spending time together. It is also an excellent destination for people who want to relax in the midst of some beautiful nature, combined with visiting monuments. NOVASOL offers unique holiday homes and apartments in Trondheim and the surrounding area for you to choose from. Do not hesitate, view our full range of holiday lettings in Norway online today. We are confident that NOVASOL can offer you the right holiday accommodation to suit you! A holiday home in Trondheim is the perfect start to your holiday.

Discover historic Trondheim from your holiday lettings in Norway

Trondheim was founded in 997 by Olaf and Tryggvason, and until the 16th century it was called Nidaros. After 1030, the city became the destination of pilgrims making their way to the tomb of Saint. Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway, after Oslo and Bergen, and is also one of the oldest cities in the country, filled with Norwegian historyIn the Middle Ages, Trondheim was a very significant city and still today is perceived as an extremely active and dynamically developing city. Trondheim is a very important communication hub for central Norway, between Southern and Northern Norway. From here you can take a train to great cities such as Oslo, Bodø or Stockholm. Ferry (Hurtigruten) depart every day from the port of Trondheim.

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Great attractions to discover

In Trondheim you can take part in many entertainment events and interesting cultural events:

  • Nidaros Cathedral: a sacred landmark and the largest Gothic cathedral of the north. The oldest part of the cathedral dates back to the 11th century. The cathedral is sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor. Be sure to visit the cathedral tower.
  • Erkebispegården (Seat of the Archbishop) dates back to the 11th century and is located near the Nidaros Cathedral. The National Museum, the Military Museum and the armoury are located nearby and offer an insight into Norway's military history.
  • Ringve Historical Museum of Music is 3 km north-east of Trondheim and here you can see 1,500 instruments from around the world. The museum has its own chamber ensemble and a concert hall where music events take place. The courtyard is surrounded by a botanical garden, which is often visited by the residents of Trondheim.
  • Munkholmen is located right on the outskirts of Trondheim. Here, in the Middle Ages, the Nidarholm monastery was founded. Later, the monastery was fortified and transformed into a prison. You can reach Munkholmen by boat from Ravnkloa, which depart on the hour. You can swim here as well as enjoy a lovely picnic. 
  • Gamle Bybro (old city bridge) in Trondheim dates back to 1861 and is the most-photographed monument in Trondheim. 
  • Every year in September, a chamber music festival takes place in Trondheim and is definitely worth a visit during your stay in one of our holiday lettings in Norway.

Holidays in Norway are an amazing adventure for the whole family!

Book your accommodation in Trondheim - holiday lettings in Norway Cathedral of Nidaros

The Nidaros Cathedral was built in 1152 on the site of the burial of King Olaf II, who introduced Christianity in Norway. It quickly became the goal of pilgrimages for Christians from around the world. This Gothic building was modelled on the Canterbury cathedral. It is the largest cathedral in Scandinavia, its facade is made of blue - grey soapstone, there are 57 statues of saints and apostles. At the turn of the century, the cathedral was destroyed by fires, its reconstruction was completed in 2001. Currently, the cathedral is the burial place of royal families and the place of coronation of the Norwegian monarchs. The Norwegian regalia is also stored here. Our range of holiday lettings in Norway are a great choice at any time of year!