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Anghiari is a lovely medieval town beautifully located and strongly fortified in the earlier days. It is on a mountain top between the Tiber and the Arno Rivers. It is the most beautiful town of Tuscany and has a lot to offer. Once you have spent some time under the sun, finished your bath and rested in your villas in Tuscany, you should head for Anghiari and enjoy. The town is full of renowned renaissance palaces and picturesque stone houses. Moreover, it is a well-known region in Italy for its antique shops where you can buy antique items such as jewellery or show-pieces and also buy collect some souvenirs for gifting loved ones back home. All our villas in Italy are well decorated with rustic furniture that gives an ancient feeling. You will feel as if you are living in the Medieval era with all antiques around you. Although our villas are full of antiques, it is still modern in style and offers all basic and modern amenities.

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Anghiari is at a distance of 30 km from Arezzo in the Tuscan Valtiberina valley. Because of its strategic position, it played an important role in the Middle Ages. The flat valley below the village was the set of the famous Battle of Anghiari in 1440. This was when the troops of Florence won the battle against the army from Milano. NOVASOL holiday lettings Italy offer an insight into the old ages where the war was fought and gives you a good knowledge about the history of Anghiari. This village is considered to be the most beautiful village in Italy and has received the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club.

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Anghiari is a characteristic village enclosed in huge 13th walls that preserves the original atmosphere of the medieval villages. While you take a stroll in its narrow streets, you can breathe the air of glory and history. NOVASOL self-catering Italy holiday homes are also full of stone houses that overlook the streets and have small windows and doors. All the entrances of the main door as well as the balconies are covered with fresh flowers, which is why this village looks even more beautiful. Just like in other countries of Europe, NOVASOL Italy villas can be found in almost towns and villages. Choose between a variety of holiday homes that suits your wishes with regard to location, size and style. We have villas that are equipped with a swimming pool and are a sure hit with all children and childish souls. Book your dream holiday with NOVASOL now.