Villas in Alghero |The Perfect Sardinian Holiday

Come relax in our villas in Alghero to enjoy a refreshing holiday in Sardinia. The town is located in northwestern Sardinia, in the province of Sassari. The population of the town of 45,000. A significant part of the population is descended from Catalan conquerors from the end of the Middle Ages. This is why the Catalan language is officially recognised (unlike anywhere else in Italy). Nowadays, the town is best known for its gorgeous beaches, amazing and reasonably priced food. Often referred to as “Little Barcelona”, the town is easily accessible as it has its own airport and is serviced by several popular airlines.

Sardinia, where our villas in Alghero are located.

Villas in Alghero: An Historically Packed Holiday 

Our villas in Alghero provide quick access to all the fun activities Alghero has to offer. You can quickly get to the Alghero historical centre, the heart of Alghero’s old town. It’s often lauded as the most interesting area to visit in Alghero. The town has narrow paved streets and historical monuments in every location.

There are a plethora of coffee shops, restaurants, and souvenir shops to peruse throughout the area. Alghero is known as the capital of the “Coral Coast”. Make sure to visit one of the many shops that sell for coral jewellery, the region’s specialty.

Additionally, our villas in Alghero are close to the sites of the Old Town. Make sure to visit the Alghero Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the year 1567. Cathedral also has an accessible bell tower, were you can enjoy the view over the picturesque town.  Stop by the Piazza Civica, the main square in the Old Town with many quaint coffee shops.

The Churches of St. Michael and St. Barbara are also enjoyable to churches to visit, with the latter being the oldest church in the city. The Old Town also has the Coral Museum. There, you can learn about the regional craft of jewellery making. Finally, you and your family can go to the lungomare, for a walk along the sea. 

Our villas in Alghero are also close to the Neptune Caves, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sardinia. Neptune Caves, also known as Neptune’s Grotto, is a stalactite cave discovered by local fishermen in the 18th century. Named after the Roman god Neptune, you can enjoy guided tours of this scenic setting. The cave is accessible by boat, bus, and car. Take in mind that if you go by bus or car, you will have a bit of climb in order to get to the grotto.

You and your family can also visit Porto Conte Regional Natural Park, which the Neptune Caves are a part of. For a beautiful walk, try out Le Prigionette Nature Reserve. Next to the reserve, there are two of Alghero’s best beaches nearby.

Finally, our villas in Alghero are also a quick daytrip to Sassi, the 2nd most populated city in Sardinia. Their historical centre is also a sight to behold! Make sure to check out the National Archeological Museum.

With so many attractions close to our villas in Alghero, you and your family or partner are bound to have an amazing holiday!