Holiday cottages in Lakolk on Rømø Island

Danish cottages in Lakolk

Lakolk lies on the western side of Rømø and is the island’s oldest holiday resort - and one of the oldest in Denmark with holiday cottages built in 1895. Contact Novasol, if you would like to spend a holiday in Lakolk.

Lakolk lies idyllically surrounded by the North Sea, Wadden Sea and Rømø's characteristic heather areas. All in all, this is a fantastic place for the whole family to spend a holiday. There are good shopping possibilities in the town which also has different restaurants and cafés.

It is also in Lakolk you find the widest beach in Denmark. Yes, that's right! There are lovely wide beaches in Scandinavia. In the summer period there are life-savers on the beach, where there is room for all sorts of beach games. Novasol lets cheap holiday cottages and holiday villas in the area.

Activities in Lakolk

Apart from the beach, Lakolk also has the Rømø Ranch Riding Centre, Romo mini museum, and a candle foundry. There are plenty of activities for children of all ages, but first and foremost, the beach is the most impressive. The Blue Flag, the sandy seabed and shallow water make the beach ideal even for the tiniest of children.

Walking trips around the island are something quite unique. The northern part of the island has been designated as a bird sanctuary, and therefore when you walk around the island you can see very rich bird life. Moreover, the countryside is beautiful and varied, so exploring the island never gets boring.