Holiday accommodation in Listed

On Bornholm's north coast you will find the small harbour town of Listed. This idyllic holiday destination is perfect for those who want a holiday away from the major tourist areas. Here you can spend time in the beautiful scenery and colourful surroundings as you relax and let all your day to day worries melt away. Our range of hand-picked holiday homes in Listed provide the ideal base for whatever excursions you may want to undertake, allowing you to visit other places on the charming island of Bornholm, but you do not have to go on long trips to get to interesting sights. Listed is a neighbouring city to the popular and charming towns of Bølshavn, Gudhjem and Svaneke, and here you will find a wide range of activities and sights for a wonderful stay in our holiday rentals in Denmark on Bornholm.

Christiansø - holiday rentals in Denmark

Experiences in charming Listed holiday rentals in Denmark

Listed has appeared on the map a fishing village since the 1300s, and its inhabitants have done much to keep the city alive. Here you will find a small fishing museum, antique shop and inn. Many people who have visited this idyllic town will tell you that is it almost as thought time has stood still. We would recommend a stroll through the city and a stop at the smokehouse in order to get an authentic taste Bornholm. The atmosphere here is relaxed and offers the perfect opportunity for one to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Down by the harbour you will find a conveniently located playground where the children can play and enjoy themselves. You will also find a beach in Listed and there are several other fantastic beaches within easy reach, so during your stay in our holiday rentals in Bornholm in the warmer months you can soak up some sun or simply enjoy the spectacular scenery throughout the year.

Attractions in Bornholm

A stay in one of our range of holiday rentals in Denmark on Bornholm is ideal for those who enjoy getting outdoors and being active in nature, and Listed is no exception. Let your mind wander as you stroll along the beach, enjoy an exhilarating bike ride through the beautiful scenery before enjoying lunch either back at your cottage or out at one of the local cafes and restaurants. 

Why not take the trip to Svaneke, just a short drive away. In 2013, Svaneke was chosen as Denmark's most beautiful city and there is much to see and experience in this pretty town. For example, you can visit the island's largest microbrewery or indulge your sweet-tooth with some delicious home-made liquorice, wine gums and bolsjer during your stay in our holiday rentals in Denmark.

Also just a short drive from Listed is Gudhjem, which is a popular destination. Here you can, for example, take the boat to Christiansø, where you can learn more about Christian V's ancient fortress. In addition, you will discover that the landscape and fauna out there is very special and unique. There are only two mammals, hedgehogs and mice that call this island home. The trip takes about an hour and is well-worth it in our opinion.

Holiday rentals in Denmark on Bornholm

We have a wide range of holiday apartments and holiday homes throughout Denmark, and Bornholm is certainly one of the most popular places to rent a cottage in Denmark. Therefore, if you have decided to spend your next holiday on the pretty island of Bornholm, then you really can't go wrong when you choose your holiday accommodation with NOVASOL. This is especially true during the summer season. NOVASOL has its own service office in Bornholm, where you are always welcome to seek help should you need it during your stay.