Holidays by the Beach in Denmark

Enjoy Denmark’s amazing coastline with a seaside Danish holiday home

Denmark is closely tied historically and culturally to the sea. You are never more than 50km from the shore in Denmark which stretches for over 7,300 kilometres along its mainland and around its islands. Self-catered accommodation in Denmark is focused along its wonderful coastal regions such as west Jutland on the North Sea and Bornholm Island in the Baltic. Full of activities such as kayaking, surfing fishing and boating, the Danish coast has something for every family.

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Danish self-catering beach culture

The open, white sandy beaches of Denmark are famous across northern Europe and Scandinavia for their beauty and cleanliness. Over 240 beaches in Denmark have been awarded the Blue Flag for quality, and most are open to the public meaning individual Danish beaches are rarely the crowded and hectic scene you might expect to find elsewhere in Europe. Self-catering holidays are part of Danish culture and many families own their own Danish holiday homes which they visit throughout the year.

Fabulous beaches 

Holiday homes in Denmark are highly concentrated on the North Sea coast of Jutland which runs up western Denmark. Self-catering in west Jutland, holidaymakers enjoy Søndervig Beach, recently voted the best beach in Denmark in a nationwide pole. Søndervig has been a popular resort with Danes and northern-European tourists for over a century, who enjoy the large sand dunes which line the coast. A couple of hundred metres from the shoreline, the town of Søndervig is full of restaurants, cafés and kids activities. Near the beach, NOVASOL has a number of beautiful Danish cottages and holiday homes, all with easy access to the water.

Accommodation in Denmark on Bornholm Island

Located out in the Baltic Sea, closer to Sweden than Denmark, Bornholm Island is an enchanting place for self-catering. Denmark might be far away, but this island still feels very Danish with the added natural beauty of the island's towering cliffs. The tranquil fishing villages along the coast host comfortable Danish holiday homes where families stay when visiting the island. A trip to Bornholm is not complete without visiting its main attraction – the Hammershus. This 13th century medieval castle is the largest in Scandinavia and traversing its ruins is a fun day out for all history-loving families. While in Bornholm, don’t forget to check out its artisan glassware sold in little shops across the island. These beautiful objects make great presents for friends back home.

Water sports at the Danish seaside

Self-catering gives active families the flexibility they need to enjoy sports and activities on the coast. Denmark is a great destination for water sports and on the coast tourists can find kayaking, fishing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and much more. For the biggest waves, rent a Danish holiday home near Klitmøller Bay in north Jutland, known as Cold Hawaii for its great surfing conditions. Cold Hawaii Surf Camp is a fun place for families with little or no surfing experience to tackle the largest breakers in this part of Scandinavia.

Fossil hunting from your holiday home in Denmark

The Danish seaside is fun to visit all-year-round. The summer months are warm and peaceful, with people bathing, swimming and enjoying the sun. However, for much of the year the Danish coast is windswept and rugged, a harsh and beautiful environment which offers even more varied activities. One such activity is fossil hunting. You will want to rent accommodation in Denmark out of the summer season for this one, when the waves are highest and the winds strongest. For families interested in the geology of Denmark, the GeoCenter Møns Klint, on the western island of Møn, tells the story of country’s geological development.

Nature on the Danish coast

Nature-loving families will love the Danish coast for its abundance of birds and marine wildlife. Rent a holiday home in Denmark and go seal watching, either from the shore or by boat. Seal and porpoise colonies are commonly found on Denmark’s rugged coastline and can be viewed up close on specialist wildlife tours. The most common seal found in these waters is the spotted seal, but grey seals can also be seen if you are lucky. For porpoises, the island of Rømø is the best place to rent accommodation in Denmark, as the porpoise safari is located nearby.

Search for Nordic gold while self-catering in Denmark

Nordic gold, otherwise known as amber, is prized by Danish treasure hunters. Amber is found on beaches across Denmark, particularly when the water is roughest and the seabed is most disturbed. These valuable fossils, made of tree-resin, are millions of years old and can be extremely valuable. Go self-catered in Denmark and go on a family amber hunt, keeping an eye out for any peculiarly coloured stones – remember amber can be black and red as well as yellow.

Why pick NOVASOL for holiday homes in Denmark?

NOVASOL has a huge range of holiday homes in Denmark, on the mainland and on its many islands. These homes are meticulously well-maintained and vary widely in size and functionality. With a washing machine, kitchen and tumble dryer, the white beaches and gorgeous landscapes of the Danish coast are yours for exploring. And, if you need any help while on holiday, NOVASOL has dozens of service offices spotted across Denmark, ready to offer you and your family and support you need.