City Breaks in Florence

The romance of Italy flows through the streets of Florence. This wonderful city, which is the capital of Tuscany, is one of the jewels in Italy’s crown. Overflowing with history and culture, Florence is the ideal destination for a city break, and when looking for self-catering accommodation, NOVASOL is your best bet. NOVASOL has several convenient and comfortable apartments in Florence which allow families and couples to explore the city at their own pace. Or, if you prefer more rural surroundings, rent Italian villas just outside the city and venture in on day-trips.

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Rent Italian villas in Florence and discover the city’s history

One of Italy’s truly magnificent cities, Florence has a deep history full of intrigue. The city came to prominence in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods under the control of the famous Medici family. During this period Florence became a world leader in art and culture, housing famous historical figures such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nichola Machiavelli. Explore this history for yourself by renting accommodation in Florence with NOVASOL. Our Florence apartments give visitors the flexibility to visit as much or as little of the city’s historical sites as you wish, taking in the culture and the cafés!

See the paintings of Uffizi Gallery from Florence apartments

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the most popular attractions in the city, housing one of the finest collections of Renaissance art in the world. Here you can see Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ as well as famous paintings by Caravaggio and Raphael. A full tour of the museum will easily take up a morning or afternoon, so pop into one of the nearby cafés for lunch to keep your strength up. If you need cooling off after a morning of exhibitions, head back to Italian villas outside the city and get in the pool.

Visit Il Duomo di Firenze while renting accommodation in Tuscany

Probably Florence’s most recognisable landmark, the great Il Duomo di Firenze was once the largest dome in the world. The dome sits atop the Cathedral of Saint Mary, a fabulous attraction to visit from villas in Tuscany. From the top of the dome, visitors can look out across the Florence cityscape, blanked in terracotta tiled roofs and erupting church spires. For a view of the Duomo itself, the bell tower nearby provides a good vantage point. If art is on your mind while self-catering in Florence – and it should be – next door to the cathedral sits the Opera Duomo Museum which is home to legendary works from Donatello and many others.

See David at Galleria dell’Accademia

If sculpture is more your thing, head down to Galleria dell’Accademia to see the most famous sculpture of them all. David, the 5-metre tall marble sculpture, created by Florence’s favourite son Michelangelo, is the most recognisable sculpture in the world. The naked figure of David represents the spirit of Florence under the Medici family – independent and powerful. This feeling of pride and independence is something visitors feel when renting apartments in Florence, or villas in Tuscany. No city break in Florence is complete without ticking David off your list, so make sure you get down early to beat the crowds.

Explore Florence’s piazzas

Visiting museums and seeing artistic wonders is fun, sure, but it doesn’t give you a feel for the real, beating heart of Florence. Self-catering is very atmospheric on its own, but for pure Florence, head to one of the many piazzas that are located throughout the city. Piazza Santo Spirito, in particular, has some dainty markets and quintessentially Florentine stools and restaurants. The city piazzas are gorgeous to sit in during summer family holidays but are also extremely charming on frosty winter mornings. Rent NOVASOL villas in Italy all year round, and take advantage of lower prices in the off-season.

Eat out or entertain at home when self-catering in Italy

Of course, Italian villa holidays are not complete without indulging in the local food and wine. Things to try while self-catering in Florence include Bistecca alla Fiorentina; a delicious local stake cooked with chestnuts; Tagliere, an Italian meat platter with Florentine salamis; and local Chianti, grown on the mountains of the same name in the middle of Tuscany. Villas with terraces are great for entertaining friends and you may even be tempted to spend a night eating al fresco on the balcony. If this is the case, pick up the freshest ingredients at Mercato Centrale beforehand and impress with everyone with you culinary skills.

Enjoy the Boboli Gardens or go shopping with villas in Tuscany

For a refreshing break from busy museums and city streets, the Boboli Gardens, behind Pitti Palace, are a fun option for families. The gardens, known as the ‘green lung’ of Florence, have plenty of fountains and sculptures to see, as well as an amphitheatre and pond. For kids, the Buontalenti Grotto is an exciting subterranean space with stalactite sculptures and water features. If you fancy a bit of shopping on villa holidays in Italy, Florence is a great place to go for fashion and food. The city’s small artisan shops are famous for their wines and olive oils, and a traditional leather industry in the city produces some of the finest belts in the world.

NOVASOL Florence accommodation

Families love Italy. Few of the country’s regions are more beautiful and filled with things to see and do than Tuscany, and that it why NOVASOL has built up an brilliant range of Tuscany villas to offer families. When self-catering in Italy, Tuscany and its capital Florence are fabulous places to start as they provide the purest Italian experience. NOVASOL’s apartments in Florence are well-located for exploring the city and the region, and are all hand-selected by our Italian team who look for quality and reliability. Italian villa holidays can be a bit expensive, so NOVASOL agrees lowest price-guarantees with home owners to keep prices down for our customers.