Christmas Holidays in Norway

Christmas in Norway is a magical experience that more and more British families are having the chance to enjoy. With Norway holiday homes, visitors can explore the glistening fjords, modern cities and dramatic landscapes of Norway during this enchanting time of year. Wrap up warm, and remember to pack some heavy boots for wading through the snow at Christmas markets across the country.

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Self-catering in Norway

If you haven’t been to Norway before, you are missing out on one of the most naturally stunning countries in the world. Dissecting the country, from its western coast into its interior, are the amazing and famous Norwegian fjords, which remain unfrozen even during the coldest winter months. Renting holiday homes in Norway is the only way to truly experience the freedom and majesty of this wonderful environment, and it provides the ideal platform for fishing in the fjords and hiking up the mountainsides. During the winter months, this landscape is a tranquil paradise which proves magical to young children and adults alike.

Christmas in Norway

Stay in one of our holiday cottages in Norway and immerse yourself in the country’s Christmas traditions. Norwegians love to put up lavish Christmas decorations, particularly on the Christmas tree which provides the central spectacle of most rooms and public spaces. Did you know that every year Norway gifts the UK the tree that is placed in Trafalgar Square? Once you are finished decorating the tree, don’t forget to celebrate “little Christmas Eve” on the 23rd. On this day, gather round the table of your Norway holiday home and tuck into some risengrynsgrøt: a rice pudding with an almond hidden in the centre. If you get the almond, you win a marzipan pig!

Christmas food – Norway self-catering

On Christmas Eve proper and Christmas Day, Norwegians have some classic dishes that you shouldn’t miss out on. For lovers of fish, cured cod is a popular at this time of year, and ribs of lamb and pork ribs are also staple festive dishes. Of course, if your family likes a roast turkey on Christmas day, these are readily available in Norway around this time, as the dish has become increasingly popular in recent years. After an afternoon of feasting, relax by the fire of holiday lettings and let your food get down before some Christmas games. 

Winter weather

The weather in Norway can be very chilly at this time of year, so it important to pack lots of warm clothes and snow-tight shoes. NOVASOL’s most northerly holiday homes in Europe are in Norway, and in these places in particular it is important to wrap up warm. Children love playing in the snow at Christmas time, and with the excellent facilities provided by our holiday homes in Norway, you don’t have to worry too much wet clothes or mess. Some of our Norway cottages even have a sauna room for warming up after a day out in the cold.

Christmas markets

In Norway’s major cities and towns, delightful festive markets open up at Christmas time. One of the best markets to visit from Norway holiday homes is the Spikersuppa market in Oslo, beside the impressive Royal Palace. Here, visitors will find dozens of stools selling delicious treats, the busiest ice rink in Norway, and even theme park rides. Also fun is the Christmas market in Bergen which contains the largest gingerbread town in the world. Whichever market you choose to visit, there will be plenty of glogg (mulled wine) on offer to warm you up and wash down delicious treats.

Visit Oslo

Norway’s capital, Oslo, is a charming yet modern city that is fun to visit on family holidays. Mixing old and new, the city warrants its reputation as one of the finest in Europe, and embodies Scandinavian values by being clean and well run. From holiday lettings in south-eastern Norway, visit Oslo on a day trip and discover enthralling attractions such as the Viking Museum and the Akershus fortress. Kids will love learning about Norway’s Viking past, and eating in the delicious restaurants which can be found in the centre.

Stavanger and Bergen

Two major port cities on Norway’s western coast, Stavanger and Bergen are wealthy hubs and centres for the country’s fishing and oil industries. Located in the south-west, Stavanger is the third largest city in the country, and has plenty to see and do while self-catering. Norway is famous for its fish, particularly its cod which is caught fresh from the Lysefjord which runs close by to the city. Bergen is further north and is very much Norway’s second city. Here visitors will find attractions such as the Hanseatic Warf which is a UNESCO World Heritage site; and some of the finest restaurants in Norway serving the New Nordic Cuisine.

See the northern lights

Many people travel to Norway during the festive period in the hope of seeing the aurora borealis. If you are very lucky while renting holiday homes in Norway, you might just get a glimpse of this incredible natural phenomenon which lights up the night sky on special nights. Your best chance of seeing the dancing colours of the northern lights is by staying in holiday rentals in the northern regions of the country such as the Lofoten Islands and keeping an eye out during clear nights. These days, there are forecasts for when the aurora will appear, so you don’t have to stay up every evening.


When NOVASOL was started, we began by selling just Norway cottages to our Danish customers. These proved so popular that over 50 years’ later we are still selling holiday homes in Norway, as well as apartments and villas all over Europe. All of our holiday rentals are hand-selected by our team and visited before being added to our range. This, coupled with our exclusive contracts with owners, has helped us to build our reputation for reliability and quality.