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The region of Asturias is Spain's little secret, and if you visit the area you will see why.  It is easy to see why the Spanish would like to keep to keep the region for themselves because it's simply too great to be shared. What characterizes Asturias are the three "ms": mar, montana, and manzana - or as it is written in English: sea, mountains and apples. So hurry up to rent one of our holiday villas in Spain in Asturias just before the secret is released and you will share region with others.

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Holidays in Asturias - beautiful scenery in Asturias

Like the rest of Spain, Asturias has incredible scenery. If you go on holiday to Spain, you cannot help admiring the beautiful countryside.  During your stay in one of our holiday homes in Spain in Asturias, you should visit at least one of the many nature parks. In the Somiedo Park you can experience clear rivers, mighty mountains and green forests. Here people have learned to care for nature, which has meant that this natural park has remained virtually untouched over the years - it is an excellent example of the perfect balance between people and nature.

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Asturias villages, towns and cities are a real-crowd-pleaser and have the ability to charm all those who visit!  If you visit one of the many cosy fishing villages along the coast or the capital Oviedo during your stay in one of our villas in Spain in Asturias, you will be even more in love with this amazing region of Spain than you was before.  Oviedo consists of a charming historic old town, as well as a new town with parks, museums and modern shopping streets, which means there is something for everyone here.  A little outside the city there are several churches, which have been there for over 1000 years!

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A good example of the scenic fishing villages in Asturias is the town of Cudillero.  Away from the waters’ edge, among tree-lined cliffs, there are pastel-colored buildings on a strip. Here, all roads do not lead to Rome, but to the port.  Why not make the most of the pretty scenery and spend an afternoon strolling around the town during your stay in your chosen Spanish holiday homes in Asturias.  Asturias is one of the areas in Spain which has successfully maintained its authentic character.

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Holidays in Spain - Taste Asturias delights

You will not travel hungry from Asturias. Here you will find a wide range of delicacies to enjoy and indulge in during your self-catering holidays in villas in Spain.  Asturias is a region in Spain with a rich tradition in the production of cheeses. Here you can get more than 50 different types of cheeses, most often made with cow's milk, the majority being made in small, family-run factories.  Asturias is a real delight for foodies and those who enjoy sampling small-scale artisan products made with local ingredients!

Spanish cuisine – experience it in Asturias

During your holidays in Asturias, you will have the opportunity to try a variety of different dishes.  There are also a number of great food festivals and celebrations which we would suggest visiting for a taste of the Spanish cuisine during you stay in your chosen apartments or villas in Spain in Asturias.  Asturias is known for its apples, which of course means that they are also known for their cider or "sidra", which you should definitely not miss!  Since Asturias lies on the coast, you can of course also have extremely delicious seafood and everything else good from the sea.

Holidays in Spain - Asturias beaches

As the region is on the coast, you will never be far from the nearest beautiful beach during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday villas in Spain. Near the town of Llanes, on the coast of Asturias, there are many beaches that have not yet been discovered by the tourists, which means you will have plenty of space to relax.  The beach "Playa de La Franca" is probably the most popular beach in eastern Asturias.  Here you will find a wide beach of golden sand and crystal clear water that is especially suitable for families with children when the tide is low.

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NOVASOL Holiday rentals have been in Spain for many years, because it is certainly one of the countries where the most holiday homes are rented. The many lovely holiday homes with their own pool or communal pool are always high on the wish list when summer holidays in Spain are to be booked. Therefore, we also have a large selection of this type of holiday home, so everyone can enjoy the warmth and the sun at the pool edge. There is also a large selection of classic Spanish fincas, apartments and Spain villas to rent.