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Castilla-Leon is a region in the central part of Spain northwest of Madrid. It is Spain's largest region and has a long history seen in the region's fortresses, cathedrals and castles, as well as an enchanting nature that allows for a lot of activities in the open air during your holidays in our villas in Spain in Castilla-Leon. Exciting cities, tempting beautiful sights and splendid shopping and dining options. The possibilities are many with a holiday home in Castilla-Leon and should be considered when on holiday in Spain!

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The nature and the countryside from a holiday home in Castilla-Leon

Castilla-Leon consists of a slightly hilly landscape with a warm climate, making the region perfect for a range of activity during your self-catering holidays in Spain. On holiday in Castilla-Leon, you will come across both large plains, incredible mountains, roaring rivers and idyllic forest areas. Castilla-Leon is one of the most diverse natural areas in Europe and there are more than 40 protected natural areas, all of which form a perfect setting for hiking and cycling, kayaking and mountain climbing.

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Nature and national parks – activity holidays in Castilla-Leon

Picos de Europa National Park is one of Spain's most beloved natural parks. Here are three mountain massifs that exceed altitudes of 2500 feet.  There are also large Atlantic forests, home to a large variety of animals which you could get up close and personal with whilst self-catering in our Spain villas in Castilla-Leon. Idyllically located all around the landscape are large castles and castles that tell about the region's long history. The mild climate of the region is characterized by relatively cold winters and dry and hot summers.

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Cities and Attractions in Castilla-Leon

The region's most exciting cities are Salamanca, Ávila and the regional capital Valladolid, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In Valladolid there are many of the region's administrative bodies, but here are still good sights and new experiences for you to experience during your stay in one of our holiday homes in Spain in Castilla-Leon. You can explore the Roman Catholic Catedral de Nusetra Señora from the 16th century, as well as the churches Santa María la Antigua and San Juan de Letrán. You will also find a number of exciting museums and inviting restaurants, bars and squares where you can experience the charming atmosphere of the city on your holiday in Castilla Leon.

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Explore Burgos during your stay in Castilla-Leon holiday homes

The city of Burgos promotes itself as one of Europe's most beautiful cities. The city's beautiful historical sites, buildings and parks only confirm this statement. The cathedral of Burgos and the many churches are within walking distance of the city centre and many pilgrims go through the city on the way to Santiago de Compostela. The city and the surrounding area is a true gold mine for those interested in Spanish history. The excavation at Atapuerca tells about the origin of man in Castile-Leon, since there are archaeological finds dating back 800,000 years.

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Things to do whilst self-catering in Castilla-Leon

The wonderful nature and the exciting sights surrounding the cities of Castilla-Leon invite holidaymakers to get into the spirit of the area and experience the local attractions and way of life at their own pace during their self-catering holidays in Spain in the area.  Anyone who has been to the country before knows that there are so many things to do in Spain and Castilla-Leon is no exception.  There are many hiking routes all around the mountainous landscape and in winter months it is possible to ski in the region.

Summer holidays in Castilla-Leon

In the summer months you should try to head down one of the region's many rivers or even see the scenic region above from a hot air balloon.  There are also 20 golf courses in Castile-Leon, all located idyllically in the countryside. There are countless possibilities in Spanish nature and Castile-Leon offers the best of it all!  After a long and active day in nature or in medieval towns, you can enjoy a tasty meal made from local produce for an authentic taste of the Spanish cuisine.  You will find that all dishes are served with a Spanish flair that imprints everything in this unique region.

Holiday homes in Castilla-Leon by NOVASOL

With a holiday home, you decide on how your holiday will be. A holiday home forms the ideal setting for a beautiful holiday in Spain, where you decide the pace yourself. At NOVASOL vacation rentals you can choose from a wide selection of holiday homes in Castilla-Leon. Our holiday homes are idyllically located in the beautiful countryside with short distance to the magnificent sights. You can choose self-catering holiday homes with all possible facilities and we are sure that you can find a house that meets your requirements and needs. Castilla-Leon offers authentic Spain, which you may struggle to find in many other regions.