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As El Hierro is both the westernmost and southernmost of the seven major Canary Islands, up until the discovery of America, it was the general consensus in Europe that El Hierro was at the very end of the world! Enjoy self-catering in Spain with a difference and explore the 269-square-kilometre island with its triangular shape. El Hierro may be the smallest island of the archipelago, but it still has a peak (Malpaso) in the centre of the island that is approximately 1500 meters above the sea, so anyone seeking active or adventure holidays in the Canaries should still pay a visit.

Feriehus på El Hierro, Kanariøyene

Holiday lettings for nature lovers in El Hierro

El Hierro was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve back in 2000 and is home to natural swimming pools and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and scuba diving, as well as huge areas of protected woodland inland. Its steep rocky coast is uniquely different from some of the other Canary Islands, although there are still some wonderful beaches particularly on the south of the Island which are always worth visiting whilst staying in your NOVASOL villas in the Canary Islands on El Hierro. If you want a comparison, simply look up our seaside villas in Tenerife or Lanzarote.

Peaceful self-catering holidays on El Hierro

Whilst self-catering in Spain, you’ll be one of just over 10,000 people that inhabit the island (equivalent to just 0.5% of the population of the Canary Archipelago), with the capital Valverde being the chosen home for 50% of the islanders. The main economic activities on Island are agriculture, cattle farming, fishing and ecotourism. Traditional practices have largely been maintained which allows for a well-developed partnership between people and the environment. Whilst at your Spanish villas try some of the typical dishes in El Hierro including lamb, goat and of course a number fresh fish specialties on the island.

Eco-friendly Spanish villas

If you, like many of us, are concerned about the environment and your own carbon footprint whilst on Spanish villa holidays, then El Hierro may well by your ideal place to stay in villas in the Canaries as El Hierro according to many experts was the first Island in the world that is truly fully self-sufficient with a constant supply of energy. This is due to a new wind farm off the coast (in the Atlantic) that produces around 11.5 megawatts of electricity for the 10,000 islanders! So of all the self-catering in Spain, holiday in El Hierro where you can stay, explore, relax, enjoy and know that any power you have used was completely provided by 100% renewable energy!

Why rent holiday villas in Spain with NOVASOL?

NOVASOL is fortunate enough to have a unique collection of self-catering in Spain including a small selection of holiday homes in El Hierro for those of us who enjoy a slower pace of holiday, with less commercialism and rich in culture and history. Enjoy family holidays where the children can explore the exciting terrain; jet off on a romantic retreat where you’re bound to share special memories, or maybe learn a new sport on an active trip to El Hierro. Why not try something a little different?