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When you  choose a holiday letting in North-West Poland, you’ve made an excellent choice for your next family holiday. For those looking for adventure holidays and quality recreational areas in the country, you simply can’t go wrong. Pomerania, with its long,winding coastlines and pristine wild lakes represent the very best on offer in North-West Poland. Not only this but Pomerania is also a great choice for a cheap holiday in Poland.

The region of Pomerania has over 200 lakes, many of which are partly interconnected to the area’s rivers. Pomerania lends itself extremely well to various outdoor activities, providing some of the best things to do in Poland, including boating, rafting, swimming in the lakes that lie in the valleys of moraine glacial hills. Pomerania is also wonderful for fishing holiday, as the lakes are bursting with river-life and have clean, thriving ecosystems. As you relax here in the summer sunshine, eagerly anticipating the next teasing tug on the fishing line, you can take in stunning vistas and maybe even enjoy a nice cold Polish beer!

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From a tourism perspective, Pomerania is relatively undiscovered area. This makes it a unique destination for apartments in Poland where you can experience authentic Polish life without the interference of demands for British food, big queues for attractions or overpriced souvenirs. For hiking holidays and walking holidays the area is particularly appealing, promising sightings of a variety of birds from storks and cranes to wild geese and coots. All ornithologists and nature lovers are sure to come into their own and will resent having to return to their holiday homes in Poland at the end of the day, as the nature is just so enthralling!

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Summer Time in Poland

Summer holidays in Pomerania are a popular destination amongst Polish people, who like to partake in day excursions and short breaks to these pretty region. Impress everyone on your cheap family holiday as you lead them to gorgeous sandy beaches, quaint little seaside villages and cottages on the Baltic Sea and even to take a trip down the river by kayak - you’ll certainly be very popular after the holiday!

In Pomerania, as with many of the other regions of the country, you’ll encounter extremely friendly locals all too happy to help you out on your summer holiday. These good-hearted, hospitable people see the potential of developing tourism in the area and are pleased to present to you the pride of their region. During your cheap holiday in Poland, you’ll be totally charmed by the nature of the country and the familiarity with which its people will treat you. You may not even want to come home!

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Become A History Buff in Poland

Poland has no shortage of history to explore and Pomerania is full of unexpected delights. Experience life as a knight as you uncover the magical history of the Teutonic Knights in the Pomeranian Castle. Discover Polish history in the knight’s fortress in Sztum that is a good day trip for a family holiday, as well as another fortress, curious museum and exquisite city hall in Kwidzyn. Plan your family holiday letting nearby and stroll to these attractions with ease.

Take a tour of Szczecin, a major port and the city with historic gems, so beautiful it could also move you to tears. The Gothic Cathedral, the Loitz Mansion and the Palace of the Pomeranian Prince are all fantastic places to visit during your summer holidays, when you can pack a picnic in your self-catering apartments in Poland and spend all day out and about in the sunshine.

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Are you currently searching for accommodation in Poland? Our villas and apartments in Poland are always conveniently located for holidaymakers to discover the best the local area has to offer.  Our range of holiday lettings in Pomerania will provide you with the perfect starting base to enjoy your summer holiday to the full. If you are interested in accommodation elsewhere in Poland, contact NOVASOL’S holiday experts, who are on hand to advise you at every step.