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Holiday homes in Poland are quickly becoming a hot topic for those looking for a cheap holiday abroad in Europe. Poland is a country that offers all the advantages of a developed and vibrant country but at a fraction of the price. Moreover, it has not yet caught on to the tourist boom, so villas in Poland are still surprisingly well priced.

Warmia and Mazury is a beautiful region for your next holiday abroad in Europe,  full of unique wildlife which inhabit the incredible concentration of lakes and ponds. Here you will also find many interesting cultural, historical and nature attractions. In the evening, relax in your cosy accommodation in Poland and discuss the day’s events.

Holiday homes in Poland

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Forest Holidays in Poland

Krutynia river water route in Masuria is worth visiting on your summer holiday in Poland.The Krutynia river meanders through countryside, winding its way through 106km of the Polish lowlands. Book a holiday letting at the river’s start in Sorkwitach at Lampackého lake. The river then winds through the hills of glacial moraines and flows calmly through Puszcza Piskiej until finally reaching the mouth of the lake Beldane. Along the river is clear and shallow enough for children to paddle, making it a suitable spot for family holidays with some of the most child-friendly things to do in Poland.

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Explore Poland’s Fine History

The town of Olsztyn is a picturesque and  historic town that is resplendent during the summer holidays. In the town’s centre you will find a Gothic chapel from the second half of the 14th century. Here you will also find the castle home where Nicolaus Copernicus once resided. Explore this museum in the Mazur and Warmia region, with its rich artistic and historical collections. Book a holiday home in Poland nearby to the  Olštýnská planetarium and observatory, which is a worthwhile evening excursion.

During your holiday abroad in Europe, you simply must visit the Nidzica Castle. Nidzica is the biggest Crusader castle at Mazur, who was also the role of headquarters and defensive castle. The massive and picturesque silhouette of castle situated upon the high hill can be seen from far arounds. Famous medieval banquets are held in the Knight Hall, including demos of matches swords, axes and crossbows, where holidaymakers young and old can learn something more about the diversity of Polish history.

Apartments in Poland

Hike, Walk and Ski

Fancy a hiking holiday, skiing holiday or walking holiday? Rent one of our apartments in Poland and check out the Elblonský channel hydro monument, a tourist centre built in the 19th Century. The  Elblonský channel connects the Polish city of Elblag and Ostroda. Developed by engineer G. J. Steenke, the channel functions using  a very original concept that still operates unchanged to this day.

In Piekna Gora at Goldapii, you will discover the only mountain chairlift in northern Poland to scale a mountainside. Running along the length of 763 metres of wire, you can see the beautiful vistas, which are gorgeous for both winter and summer holidays. If you prefer skiing for your next family holiday abroad in Europe, the Piękna Gory mountains are a good pick. With 5 perfectly prepared slopes and a year-round toboggan run stretching over 1150 metres in length, you’ll want to return again and again. Alternatively, holiday homes in the Beskid Mountains or Upper Tatras are aslo wonderful for a skiing holiday in Poland.

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