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In the remotest part of Poland you will find Kashubia; countryside chock full of forests, picturesque rolling hills and wild moorland that give way to one of the region’s 250 lakes. Rich in nature, culture and tradition, float down the canals of the Kashubia region and get carried away in this romantic Polish fairytale. Whilst NOVASOL offers holiday homes in Poland that span the whole country, nowhere is as rustically wild as Kashubia.

Perhaps you have tried self-catering in Warsaw or Krakow but would like to explore something different this year. Choose a unique cottage in this unusual area and prepare to be amazed at how glamorous it can be to be so close to nature. With a range of villas with pools and cottages with hot tubs, there’s no reason why your family holiday in Poland can’t luxurious as well as being far from the tourist buzz.

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Experience Kashubian Culture

Kaszuby covers  a stretch of coastal land to the north and can be found just south-west of Gdańsk. During your family holidays in Poland, take time to visit Kashubia where you will have a chance to meet some of the 200,000 descendants of the Kashubian Slavic tribe who cultivate language and culture and still inherit these lands today. Tradition can be found everywhere in this area,  particularly in the authentic embroidery available to buy from artisan sellers and from the cordial and hospitable way the Kashubian people treat their guests. You may not spend much time in your self-catering apartment in Kashubia, as the locals will be more than willing to invite you into their homes, pubs and restaurants for a bite to eat and a drop to drink.

Head to the town of Kartuzy where you will find the heart of Kashubia. The monastery at Kartuzy is spectacular place to visit; here you will see the roof in the shape of a coffin! In the local museum in Kartuzy you will also get a feel for the region’s culture, where you can see a diverse exhibition of typical handicrafts. Pick a holiday apartment in Poland’s Kashubia region to take advantage of all the wonderful things to do in Poland. This is a cheap family holiday that is true value for money.

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Get Back to Nature

Kashubia is a good choice for forest holidays and hiking holidays, as it is home to one of the largest forest areas for self-catering Poland. The hills stretch to a height of around 300 metres and are interlaced with lakes of various sizes. The hiking trails here lead through forests resplendent with beech trees - visit in the spring where you can see the forests as they burst into bloom. Alternatively, book your summer holiday here and forage for delicious wild berries and mushrooms. The air here is clean and crisp, and the clear lakes are wonderful for bathing and swimming.

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Day Trips, Must-Sees and Experiences

Rent a holiday home in Poland through NOVASOL and discover the variety of the Kashubia region on an unforgettable family holiday. Though it might be a remote region, that by no means there’s not more than enough to see. For example, in the small  town of Wdzydze Kiszewskie on the Weitsee, there is a open-air museum with old Kashubian farmhouses preserved beautifully - the perfect antidote for someone seeking Polish culture. Another cultural delight is the Remembrance’ memorial by the famous Polish artist Daniel Czapiewski erected a memorial of the "Remembrance". Representing the time of the Communist Era and the inner value’s of today’s Polish society, it is a remarkable moving tribute.

Why not stop by the mineral-rich springs of Bad Polzin during your summer holiday in Poland? Its discovery was uncovered quite by accident, when a blacksmith scooped up some of the spring’s water to cleanse the eye of a friend whose eye was suffering from eye irritation. Book a holiday letting in this area and see if you can feel the health benefits.

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