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Poland is a country full of beautiful nature and an exciting history. If you want to experience both of these on your holiday self-catering Poland, you should rent a cottage in Lublin Highland. The lush and unspoilt nature is found here in the form of parks and rivers and there are nice old towns such as Lublin with friendly locals and, of course, the area also offers good Polish food and drink.

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Lublin Upland

The Lublin Plateau is a vast land consisting of forests and agricultural lands. It’s also a historical land that played a minor role in the history of Poland. In the region you will find a myriad of historic towns like Lublin, Zamość, Chelm, Tarnobrzeg and many others. Also here you can meet different traditional villages where you can get to know the local customs and beliefs. If you have enjoyed self-catering in Warsaw or Krakow but would like to try something different, try Lublin for your next cheap holidays in Poland.

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Lublin's unique nature

Lublin Highland is known for its landscape, which is characterized by loose valleys. There’s also highly developed farms where everything can be harvested from wheat to tobacco. There are three landscape parks, Kazimierz Dolny park, Wieprz River park and Krzczonow park, in Lublin Highland, all of which are good examples of Poland's rolling green fields and beautiful scenery. Poland's longest river, Vistula, runs through the Lublin region and with its beautiful surroundings is worth visiting on cheap holidays in Poland. The Vistula River Gorge in the Little Polar was created because each side of the river is surrounded by highlands (to the west Lillepolen Højland and to the east Lublin Højland). In fact, it is so special that the area has been protected. It’s possible to take to the river by boat in this region.

Apartments in Poland

Attractions and attractions in the Lublin Highlands

If your holiday is located in Poland in the Lublin Highlands, you should do yourself a favour and visit Lublin city, which is not only incredibly charming, but it is also filled with interests for you to spend a full day at. Polish culture is a fantastic treasure trove and if you go to Lublin on a day trip, Lublin Castle, Lubomelski Town Hall, Po Farze Square and the many churches and museums should be on the menu.

Majdaneks State Museum

Just a little outside Lublin is the Majdaneks State Museum, built in 1944 on the basis of a former German concentration camp, making it the first museum dedicated to the memory of Europe's victims during World War II. It’s home to a permanent collection of rare artefacts, archival photographs and testimony. Pay a visit from your holiday cottages in Poland and remember this poignant part of Polish history.


Not far from Lublin lies the city of Krasnik - a city with an exciting history. Krasnik is divided into two parts, which are a few kilometres apart. Krasnik Lubelski is the original part of the city and here you’ll find the oldest churches and buildings, whereas the share of the part Krasnik Fabryczny was first founded in the 1930s. You’ll find the ruin of the 17th century Zamoyski castle and the an 18th century former Hospital built in a Baroque style.

With our apartments in Poland you can taste the local version of the old Polish dish, pierog bilgorajski, a delicious potato pancake cake with buckwheat and cottage cheese. The potato pancake can be washed down with Perla, a local popular beer whose brewery has been open in the area for over 170 years! A holiday in Lublin highland will therefore offer a wide range of experiences, and a holiday home in Poland will be the ideal starting point for adventure in the beautiful landscape of Lublin Highlands.

Holiday in nature

The Lublin Upland and the Świętokrzyski Land are both located in the south-eastern part of Poland. The land is crossed by the longest river in the country - Wisla. Both bordering regions are full of ancient towns and dense forests, providing some of the best activities in Poland. There’s also numerous hills and the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Holiday homes in Świętokrzyskie and in the Lublin Upland are the ideal option for those who want to rest surrounded by nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the cities. NOVASOL facilities are also a good choice for amateur hikers and bike trails, amid beautiful landscapes making this perfect for a cycling holiday abroad. Our holiday homes and flats are ready to accommodate both individuals and families who wish to spend their vacations together.

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NOVASOL was established in 1968 and is the largest holiday home rental agency in Europe. Our supply of holiday homes, cottages and apartments in Poland is growing over the years, and today we can today offer vacation rental in most areas of Poland. NOVASOL offers everything from simple cabins in the middle of beautiful forests and lakes to large apartments close to nearby cities. The accommodations offer an authentic vacation experience for all to enjoy.