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Warsaw is the capital of Poland, located in its eastern-central part. The city is surrounded by numerous towns and villages, and from the north borders with the Kampin National Park. Warsaw is a great city for people who enjoy an active city break amidst a buzzing atmosphere yet with plenty of oppotunity for relaxation and leisure activities. Lovers of rich history and discovering new and quirky places will certainly not be bored whilst renting accommodation in Poland.

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Holiday apartments in Warsaw are an excellent choice for resting between city trips. NOVASOL apartments in Poland are located in attractive locations so you will be close to the most interesting parts of the city. Our facilities are fully equipped, so the state will decide whether to use the rich gastronomy offered by numerous bars and restaurants or prepare meals in the comfort of their apartment.

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The city’s rich ​​history

The first mention of Warsaw dates back to 1313. Warsaw was not immediately the capital of the country. Actually, the official title of capital in the constitution was not until 1952. In the 14th century was an important centre of trade and fishing. The 20th century is primarily about the First and Second World War, which have put their stamp on the city. However, a strong sense of statehood allowed the almost demolished capital to be rebuilt and today it is the largest and most important city in the country. Holidays in Warsaw will certainly be a valuable lesson in Polish history, which can be found in numerous museums and historical places.

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Warsaw for tourists

Warsaw is a very attractive touristic city. Apart from the historical sites, the city has a rich cultural offer in the form of numerous theatres, operas, nightlife and art galleries. Also for the younger ones, the city has many attractions, with the city zoo and planetarium. Go from a walking tour of the city's most important sights to trendy bars and restaurants in the evening. In Warsaw, there is something for everyone, but if you would like to see two great cities in one round trip, we also offer Berlin accommodation - which you can easily reach by bus, coach or a quick flight from Warsaw.

Exciting places to visit

A holiday in Warsaw is an exciting expedition in the wake of Polish history, as well as modern places with interactive exhibitions. Here in Warsaw we have collected a list of some of the best things to do in Poland:

  • Royal Castle and Castle Square is a very accurate reconstruction of the 17th-century baroque building, which was the headquarters of the Mazovian princes and king of the country. When walking through decorated rooms, you will also be able to see the old artwork that was collected here - wonderful for soaking up Polish culture.

  • Tazienki is a park-palace complex from the 18th century. On the vast area, you will find the Palace of the Island, which is a complex of historic buildings and four beautiful gardens.

  • Wilanow Palace is the baroque royal palace from the 17th century, served by King Jan III Sobieski. The palace includes a large garden divided into several parts of the park and garden.

  • Church of the Visitation is late Baroque church built in the 18th century. This is one of the few places that were not destroyed during the wars.

  • Copernicus Science Center is a science centre for the whole family. There is a planetarium, numerous laboratories for experiments, as well as numerous interactive exhibits devoted to history, science and nature.

  • The government buildings in Warsaw are the seat of the President, the government and senate. It is worth checking out when guided tours are available so you get to know the secrets of power and listen to stories straight from the horse’s mouth.

Fantastic cultural events

Holidays in Poland are not just historical buildings – there are also interesting events and festivals, in which Warsaw is certainly not lacking. In Warsaw, many musical concerts are held throughout the year – both classical and rock – as well as modern music. There are also numerous niche music festivals here to enjoy. Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, for example, is a very popular jazz festival that has been around for over 20 years. Orange Warsaw Festival is also a popular music festival that draws crowds of current music fans and celebrities from all over the world every year. For something a little more interesting, why not book your holiday homes in Poland and visit the Science Picnic, which is an annual event popularising science and it is the largest in Europe of its kind.

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Warsaw offers a lot to tourists. Both leisure seekers and fans of the more active forms of tourism will be satisfied – the city has ideas for everyone. A rented holiday apartment in Poland is the place where you can catch your breath between walking and visiting the sights.As you can see, there is plenty to do and see in Poland’s capital. By renting a holiday home in NOVASOL, you can experience them all at ease!