Villas in San Vito lo Capo | The Perfect Sicilian Getaway

Our villas in San Vito lo Capo provide the perfect opportunity for an amazing holiday in Sicily. San Vito lo Capo is a commune and town in northwestern Sicily, in the province of Trapani. The town is a perfect spot for tourists, both international and local. It is located in a valley between mountain ranges. The most northern of which is adorned by a large cross. You can see this cross from the public beach below. Our Villas in San Vito lo Capo are close to the best activities and sights Sicily has to offer.

Sicily, where our villas in San Vito lo Capo are located

Villas in San Vito lo Capo


The small town offers a relaxed and tranquil holiday for you and your family or partner to enjoy to the fullest. Our villas in San Vito lo Capo are close to the San Vito Sea. The Sea is perhaps one of the most popular tourist attractions in the town. It is popular with both tourists and locals alike. The beaches are perfect for spending an afternoon sunbathing and swimming. Visit the San Vito beach, a gorgeous expanse of white sand. San Vito beach has won the coveted Blue Flag award on multiple occasions. The Blue Flag award is handed out by the Foundation for Environmental Education (also known as the FEE). The FEE evaluates the quality of the waters and beaches. Whenever a beach is rewarded a Blue Flag, it’s a very good sign. Our villas in San Vito lo Capo are also close to several private beaches. These offer a less populated space to enjoy the San Vito Sea.


While enjoying your time at the beach, make sure to visit Blue Marino’s Cove. The Cove has been named “The Most Beautiful in Italy” back in 2015 in a competition held by the Italian Enviromental Association. It is located close to our villas in San Vito lo Capo. The cove is full of beautiful vegetation, beautiful views and a pleasing climate throughout the entire year. Next to the Cove is also the beach of Isuildda, another charming beach with caves and snorkelling available. Other beaches to enjoy close by are the Baia Santa Margherita and Macari beach. If you’re a water lover, this town is definitely for you!


Further in town, you and your family can also visit the San Vito Sanctuary. It is located in the center of the town in a beautiful piazza. Built in the 1400s, the sanctuary was created to protect the local residents from the ever occurring pirate raids of the time. Pilgrimages to the sanctuary have also been popular for hundreds of years. The Sanctuary allows visitors, so make sure you don’t miss out on experiencing the beautiful architecture and statues within. Our villas in San Vito lo Capo are also close to the Faro, the town’s lighthouse. One of the most iconic attractions in San Vito lo Capo, you can walk to the top for beautiful vistas of the open sea. Near the Faro, you can find the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Untouched by and construction and human development, you can enjoy views of the sea next to olive and almond trees.


Finally, back in the city center, make sure to end your day with the town’s most famous dish: couscous! For those who are planning on travelling to San Vito lo Capo in late September, you and your family can experience the Couscous Festival, an international festival honouring the different countries that specialise in the dish. With the amazing food and stunning beaches, our villas in San Vito lo Capo offer the perfect Italian holiday for you and your family.