Holiday rentals in Italy in Riviera di Levante

Holiday rentals in Italy - Holiday homes on the Riviera di Levante

NOVASOL offers a wide range of holiday homes in Liguria, including on the beautiful Riviera di Levante - which stretches for about 130km and runs along the Ligurian coast from the mouth of the River Magra in La Spezia province to the eastern districts of Genoa. In this area you will find a wide selection of beautiful self-catering holiday rentals in Italy and apartments that will surely serve as the perfect base for your next holiday, no matter  how you choose to spend it!

Italian rentals

Experience the multi-faceted nature from your chosen holiday rentals in Italy

Italy has always been one of the most inspiring countries in southern Europe and has remained a firm favourite amongst holidaymakers for years, enticing visitors back year after year with its varied and beautiful landscapes, magnificent cities, rich culture and of course the delicious Italian cuisine. If you choose to spend your holiday in one of our hand-picked holiday rentals in Italy on the Riviera di Lavante, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many attractions and experiences on offer in the local area, as well as getting to know the stunning 100km long coastline.may delight you to experience a beautiful nature and a more harsh coastline of approx. You are sure to make memories that last a lifetime in this fantastic part of Italy. One of our favourite things to do in the area is to venture out on a hike, exploring the picturesque local countryside by foot and stopping by one or two of the many ancient castles and monasteries. The area boasts a wealth of sign-posted hiking trails.

Relax in the charming surroundings

If you have had enough of walking or if you prefer a lower pace of life down at the coast, then you can also head to the beach and make use of the wonderful coastline that is within easy reach of your holiday rentals in Italy. At Sestri Levante you will find in the area's best beach, which is also very child-friendly. As the children play on the sand or in the gently lapping waves, you can enjoy some well-earned relaxation and peace with a good book in the sun. Take a break from the sun and stretch your legs a little with a walk around the charming fishing villages or take a walk around the characteristic villages that dot the foothills of the mountains.

The perfect day trip - Cinque Terre

During your self-catering holiday in Liguria in your chosen holiday rentals in Italy, a trip to the Cinque Terre is a must. The area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is characterised by its unique slopes and the beautiful villages with colourful houses which provide the ideal backdrop for a wonderful day trip. In the towns of the area you can stroll through the narrow streets and lose yourself as you soak up the enchanting atmosphere. Of course, we would also recommend stopping at one of the local eateries and enjoying a delicious and authentic meal comprised of local delicacies and delights.

Holidays in privacy and comfort - holiday rentals in Italy

NOVASOL's holiday homes in Italy are a great choice if you want to live just like an Italian during your holiday! Slow down your usual pace of life during your holiday, perhaps stopping at a local market to pick up fresh produce for dinner or get chatting to some locals at a bar over a glass of regional wine. When you choose a self-catering holiday with NOVASOL - you and you alone are in charge of your daily itinerary and how you wish to spend your day, that's why we think self-catering holidays are the best type of holidays!