Self-catering Italy in Lazio

Self-catering in Italy by Lazio's mountain ranges

The landscape of Lazio is renowned for its undulating hills and mountains; however if you rent near the coast the land flattens and seems as if the mountain ranges have been transformed into wide-reaching plains. There are beautiful lakes and parks here with abundant greenery, flora and fauna. There is the Villa Borghese, the Regional Natural Park of Castelli Romani, Lake Bracciano and Bolsena that you can marvel at during your stay in your self-catering Lazio accommodation. Self-catering in Italy with NOVASOL means a real choice of wonderful apartments and villas in Lazio that can be booked all year round. Alternatively, enjoy the iconic architecture and history of Rome and its surroundings with an apartment or villa.

Self-cartering Lazio

Apartments in Rome - self-catering Lazio

The capital of Italy, Rome, is world-renowned for its breath-taking architecture, unbeatable cuisine and evocative history. Some of the major attractions here include the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and the Vatican city. Rent one of NOVASOL's villas or apartments in Rome and find yourself gazing at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, dwarfed beneath towering Roman ruins or getting lost down winding roads that tell a thousand stories. Visit the home of thin, crispy Roma pizza and Carbonara pasta and try to create your own Italian-inspired dishes at your holiday lettings.

Activity and adventure holidays self-catering Lazio

The mountains are a popular for escaping the summer heat offering exciting and varied possibilities for trekking, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. Meanwhile, coastal areas provide a place to enjoy water sports or relaxation on some of Italy's best beaches. Adventure lovers will feel right at home with the heady mixture of incredible scenery, diverse terrains and exhilirating outdoor activities. In Lazio alone, skiing lovers can hit the slopes in either Livata, Terminillo, Leonessa or Arcinazzo. If you are renting apartments in Rome or elsewhere in the region over summer, you may enjoy walking and cycling. All of our holiday lettings in Italy are close to adventure activities, like in the park of Bracciano-Martignano, where sailing and canoeing happen on a regular basis.

Self-catering Lazio - holiday rentals for families

Self-catering Lazio offers plenty of spa resorts such as the famous Baths of Caracalla, Fiuggi and Tivoli that guarantees complete relaxation. Staying in any of our holiday rentals in Italy with your family will be a rejuvenating experience as we are located in the most ideal locations very close to the sea and the mountains. Whilst waterparks and exciting outdoor activities can be fun for all ages, adventures need not be too a strenuous activity in Italy - simple strolls through quaint towns and villages from your holiday lettings can be very rewarding. With a self-catering holiday home from NOVASOL, you are welcome to go at your own pace and perhaps to try a day trip, excursion or an exciting adventure into history or delicious Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine to enjoy whilst self-catering Lazio

Renting a holiday cottage in Italy from NOVASOL will give you the perfect foundation for a an affordable self-catering holiday. Italian markets are full of the freshest regional produce, and wine. So why not have a real Italian experience by eating like the locals, and cooking up your favourite Italian recipe? Explore the rich history of delicious cuisine in Italy and its many regional facets and specialties in local restaurants. Whether you are intrigued by Tuscan wines or if pizza enjoyed at your Rome accommodation is more appealing, NOVASOL has an Italian villa to cater to your culinary curiosity. The cuisine of Lazio is another reason why you should spend your holiday here. Some of the popular dishes that we recommend you to try are spaghetti, gnocchi, penne, lamb, oxtail, and Roman ham. Lazio has plenty of restaurants that serve local delicacies.

Visit UNESCO sites near your Italy villas

In the province of Lazio at the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia have been found an incredible haul in the graves of rich, noble families. They found splendorous vases, jewels and bronze work, which are now among the showpieces in many European museums. Other finds from the necropolis can be found in the Museo Archeologico di Vulci in the castle. The burial sites in the two major cities date from the 9th to the 1st century BC. With Italian villa holidays, discover this important UNESCO World Heritage Site from your holiday home. Italy's capital city is also a treasure trove for history lovers, displaying almost 3,000 years of architecture and art. Visit the Forum and the Colosseum and lose yourself in relics of the Roman Empire whilst your enjoy your family holiday!

Beautiful rural areas to explore whilst self-catering Lazio

NOVASOL has elegant apartments in Italy's cities but also rustic cottages and villas with pools overlooking the countryside of Lazio. With stunning oak woods, lush fields and wonderful farms bordering other regions such as Tuscany and Umbria. You could even rent villas in Tuscany and visit Lazio's Monte Rufeno nature reserve, where 7,000 acres of woodland provide ample space to explore, right on the border. In rural Lazio, you can practice all kinds of sports in all seasons. Perhaps rent a bike at your holiday lettings and explore the local landscape, or strap on your hiking boots and keep an eye out for deer, wild pigs and porcupines!

Service-Why NOVASOL?

A holiday cottage rental is a unique way to have a self-catering holiday in Italy. NOVASOL makes it possible to have cost-effective and flexible holidays in Europe and Scandinavia. With over 40,000 holiday homes in Europe and nearly 50 years in the business, NOVASOL know how to satisfy customers with the best properties and the best prices on the market. So why not book your next Italian villa holidays with NOVASOL self-catering Lazio? We offer a range of properties to suit just about every need, budget and taste.