Amalfi coast villas | The Perfect Italian Getaway

Rent out one of our Amalfi coast villas to enjoy the holiday of your lifetime! The Amalfi coast is a decadent stretch of coastline on the northern part of the Thyrrhenian Sea’s Salerno Gulf, located in Southern Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi coast is one of the most popular destinations in the whole country.  The coast boasts a host of small towns and villages. Linking all of them is the SS163, the famous Amalfi Coast Drive, and 10 mile contorted two lane road. The road hugs the coastline and goes up and down through gorges. It connects the towns from Positano to Amalfi. The view is complemented by olive groves, picturesque villages, and the clear blue sea. Our Amalfi coast villas are located throughout the stretch, allowing you a variety of choices for where you and your family will want to enjoy your holiday in Italy.


an image of our amalfi coast villas

Amalfi Coast Villas: A Holiday Destination Steeped in History

The tranquil climate, abundant natural resources and beauty has drawn tourists to this idyllic coast for many centuries. Many inhabitant the area – Greeks, Romans, Normans, Saracens, Arab-Sicilians, and many others. The coast has always been a getaway for the rich and famous. You will often see magnificent yachts strewn across the coast’s crystal clear waters. Our Amalfi coasts villas offer a unique glimpse into how luxurious your holiday in Italy can be!

How to get to our Amalfi Coast villas

Located in the South of Naples, the main and closest connection points are: Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno. The main public transport available are SITA buses, and ferries and hydrofoils in the summertime. A great time to go the end of September to October, with a close second being May and early June.

Where to go on the Amalfi Coast

Our Amalfi Coast villas offer great access to all of the coastline towns. Start off your trip in Positano, perhaps the most famous of the Amalfi coast towns. Enjoy the pastel colored quaint houses clinging to the cliff face, and the beautiful pebble beach of Spiaggia Grande. Next, a SITA bus can take you to the small village of Nocelle. It will be a bit of a climb, but the view if worth it. Nocelle is also the starting point for  the Sentiero degli Dei, the area’s most famous walk. The path goes through the mountains, with beautiful sheer drops on either side and finishes in Bomerano. The next town we recommend to visit is the low-key Praiano. You can visit ceramics studios, decadent restaurants, and view antiquated houses. Our Amalfi coast villas also offer quick access to the town of Sorrento. Sorrento, unlike many other places located on the Amalfi Coast, has the feel of a real residential area, not just a town built exclusively for tourism. Visit the Piazza Tasso, a scenic square with an impressive church and statues. Visit the Villa Communale, a large park by the bay with gardens, fountains, and sweeping vistas. For the last part of your trip head to Ravello, where the region’s wealthy families historically would spend their summer to be up in the hills where the weather is cooler.